The Rum Diary: Johnny Depp Is Drunk Again

Matt Cherette · 08/25/11 11:58PM

Here's a trailer for The Rum Diary, which hits theaters this October. Based on Hunter S. Thompson's novel of the same name, the movie stars Johnny Depp as Paul Kemp, a late '50s NYC journalist/alcoholic who eventually finds himself in the middle of some sort of hotel development scheme down in San Juan. There's also a hot woman. And lots of rum! So basically, it's Pirates of the Caribbean, except without the accents. Or the pirates. [via ET]

The Ides of March: Dirty Sexy Politics

Matt Cherette · 07/28/11 02:35AM

Here's the trailer for The Ides of March, a political thriller loosely based on the play Farragut North (which was loosely based on Howard Dean's 2004 presidential campaign) that features George Clooney pulling triple duty as director, writer and star.

Hugo: Martin Scorsese's Family-Friendly Foray

Matt Cherette · 07/14/11 09:44PM

Here's the trailer for Hugo, a 3D fantasy/adventure film that will hit theaters this November. Based on Brian Selznick's children's novel The Invention of Hugo Cabret and directed by none other than Martin Scorsese, Hugo tells the story of an orphan who lives in the walls of a 1930s Paris train station. A mysterious/magical train station! The movie stars Sacha Baron-Cohen and Ben Kingsley, among others, and while Joe Pesci is conspicuously absent, Hugo still looks to be a Thanksgiving Weekend must-see. [via NYM]

Brave: Pixar's New Hero Is a Little Ginger Girl

Matt Cherette · 06/28/11 05:15AM

Here's a trailer for Brave, Pixar's first fairy tale—and first film featuring a female lead—which will hit theaters next June. Set in the Scottish Highlands, Brave tells the story of a little red-headed warrior princess named Merida and her courageous fight against the tradition of her land and a mysterious, menacing beast. And considering this is a Pixar film we're talking about, it shouldn't be long before Merida has the hearts of moviegoers everywhere.

The Final Trailer for the Final Harry Potter Movie

Matt Cherette · 06/16/11 10:48PM

Here's a trailer—the last one ever—for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, which is also the last Harry Potter movie ever. Full of footage not seen in the film's first trailer a couple of months ago, this one—out a month before its July 15 release—will hopefully provide a temporary fix to Potter addicts as they await their final dance with Harry, Ron, Hermione, and the rest of the gang. [via NYM]

This Trailer for The Smurfs Will Ruin Your Childhood

Matt Cherette · 03/10/11 10:32PM

Here's the first official trailer for The Smurfs, the Niel Patrick Harris-starring live-action (and partially animated, too, duh) big screen version of the hugely popular '80s TV series. So, how's it look? Well... bad. In fact, very, very bad. Oy.

All the Best Kissing Scenes from the Movies

Leah Beckmann · 03/09/11 09:02PM

A little late for Valentine's Day, GOOD Magazine presents this romantic compilation of some of the best kissing scenes caught on film. Plus, it comes with some interesting facts about the "science of kissing," which is called phlematology!

What if Seinfeld Was a Dramatic Movie About World Takeover?

Matt Cherette · 01/24/11 08:24PM

There will probably never be a Seinfeld movie, but this is a good consolation! Here's a fake—and incredibly impressive—trailer (made by recutting footage from the series) for Jerry the Great, about Seinfeld's desire to take over the world.

Here's Seven Minutes of the Best Slaps in Hollywood History

Matt Cherette · 01/24/11 04:16PM

One of cinema's earliest, longest, most famous and eternally requisite action moments is the slap. So, what better way to celebrate that than with seven minutes of the movies' best slap-happy moments, all conveniently presented in a supercut! Watch inside.