Mountain Dew Presents the PuppyMonkeyBaby, a Horror-Hallucination of Brand Awareness

Melissa Cronin · 02/07/16 09:11PM

The brands were out in full force during Sunday’s Superbowl, reaching the eyeballs of millions of consumers with millions of dollars. Mountain Dew took a novel tack, attempting to create the most grotesque, unsettling, and plain awful character of all (worse, even, than Norm MacDonald’s Colonel Sanders): PuppyMonkeyBaby.

Taco Bell: Constantly Finding New Ways to Make You Fat

Taylor Berman · 08/31/12 10:28PM

Big day for gross sodas. First, there was breaking news that Diet Pepsi is faker than ever. Now comes word that Taco Bell is adding a surely horrid new drink called Mtn Dew A.M. to its breakfast menu (ed. note: when did Taco Bell get breakfast?). Mtn Dew A.M. is a combination of regular disgusting Mountain Dew with Tropicana orange juice, so maybe it's healthy? Impossible to know because a "representative for Taco Bell wasn't immediately available to provide details on the orange juice-to-soda ratio in Mtn Dew A.M." Oh well.

Mountain Dew Is So Extreme It Will Turn Mice Into Jelly

Max Read · 01/03/12 04:25PM

If there's one thing everyone knows about Mountain Dew, the soda specifically designed to gross out your mom when you make her buy it for sleepovers, it's that it's extreme. How extreme? So extreme it will turn a mouse into jelly!

Advertising Gives Up

Hamilton Nolan · 11/02/09 12:40PM

You people always have something slick to say about our ads. You think you're so fucking smart? You figure out the ads, then. We'll just sit here while you work for free. Uh, we mean...Do the Dewmocracy™!