If You Buy a Motorcycle, You Will Die

Hamilton Nolan · 12/22/14 09:30AM

Some of you who have successfully reached middle age and feel the yearning for a new sense of adventure in life may be considering purchasing a motorcycle. Before you do, consider this FACT: you will die.

Try As He Might, This Little Pug Will Never Turn Into a Motorcycle

Andy Cush · 11/13/14 12:35PM

Pug, we've been over this: yes, you're slightly more aerodynamic when you crouch like that, and yes, that weird thing you're doing with your tongue does sound a lot like an idling V-twin engine, and no, I don't understand the pink rag on your head, but I'll admit that it's cute as hell. Still, none of that makes you a motorcycle. You're a dog, damnit. A dog.

The Pope Is Selling His Harley

Adam Weinstein · 01/14/14 11:01AM

Pope Francis, the Supreme Pontiff of the Holy Catholic Church, Bishop of Rome, and Gawker hero, has a bitchin' hog. A 1,585cc Harley-Davidson Dyna Super Glide, to be precise. And it can be yours, because he wants to sell it to help feed hungry poors or something.

Mom Rides Motorcycle Over Grandma

Marisa Gladstone · 02/03/11 09:30PM

This woman is devastated and mortified after she runs over an elderly woman with a motorcycle. The lesson learned here is never let your mom ride a motorcycle in close proximity to older family members. Also, boys can be immature. And grandma is a real trooper.

Pee-Wee Herman Crashes South Dakota Motorcycle Rally

Matt Cherette · 08/23/10 02:34PM

Each August for the past 80 years, the men and women of Sturgis, SD (and many who travel there) gather for their annual Motorcycle Rally. This year, they had a very special surprise guest: Pee-wee Herman. Watch what happened inside.

Easy, Rider

Jeff Neumann · 07/24/10 12:50PM

[Manly man Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin rides a Harley Davidson motorized tricycle to a biker convention in southern Ukraine today. Trikes are tough. Image via AP]