In Praise of Single Mothers

Dayna Evans · 05/10/15 10:55AM

At the bottom of a crowded subway stairwell one recent night, I got lodged behind a mother and her toddler-age son. She was bending down to level with him, his tiny primary-colored backpack slung over her left shoulder and a vinyl grocery tote in her right fist. The two were going over that night’s dinner plans.

Watch Moms Admit the Shocking Things Their Kids Don't Know About Them

Jay Hathaway · 05/07/14 01:02PM

Before they gave the precious gift of life to their ungrateful children, our moms were regular people with lives of their own. They had careers, ambitions, talents, dope, naked mud wrestling matches, and tons of casual sex with workers of all stripes. Especially plumbers, for some reason.

I Wish My Mother Would Call

Joshunda Sanders · 05/11/13 11:42AM

Sometime in April 2010, my father, Victor, a veteran who spent most of his life as an engineer, hanged himself in a garage in Blackwood, New Jersey. He and my mother, Marguerite, had a thing in the late 1970’s. That thing bore me.

When My Mother and I Were Obsessed with Death

Maureen O'Connor · 05/13/12 12:45PM

For four years, my mother had a crippling fear of death. It started during her first bout with breast cancer. While recovering from her mastectomy, she insisted on driving my father to and from work, so that if he died in a car accident she'd be there to say good-bye. Nobody in our family was allowed to drive in bad weather, lest the vehicles hydroplane and we die. Christmas traditions were banned; anything that reminded my mother of the passing of time reminded her of death. She objected to my teen sleeping habits: "Just lying there all morning, like you are dead. How do I know you are not dead?" Chastised for her morbidity, my mother would snap, "You don't understand."

Ride the M Train Today, Moms

Louis Peitzman · 05/13/12 11:20AM

Today is an especially good day to take the M if you're a mother — or if you can fake it. Someone has been putting up "Reserved for mothers today" stickers all over the cars, which I think means you're legally required to stand if you've never raised a kid.

It's a Holiday So Courtney Stodden Is Half-Naked Again

Leah Beckmann · 05/10/12 01:04PM

Here is a photoshoot from the set of Mom and the Real Girl Courtney Stodden's kitchen, where she and mom Krista Keller celebrated Mother's Day early. Nothing satisfies the sacred and sometimes sexy bond between mother and daughter like getting your silky hands sticky with some sinful strawberry shortcake.

Your Mom Might Be Part of a Detroit Crime Ring

Seth Abramovitch · 05/08/11 10:20PM

I hate to be the one to tell you this — and on Mother's Day, of all days! — but your mom might be part of a syndicate of hardened thieves who steal credit cards and cash from distracted shoppers.

What Your Mother's Day Gift Says About You

Richard Lawson · 05/08/11 08:00AM

Just in case you forgot: Mother's Day is today! Alert, alert! You have just hours to scramble and get her something nice and thoughtful. But be careful what you get. Different gifts say different things about you.

Flower Peddlers Embroiled in Dirty Internet War

Lauri Apple · 05/07/11 11:53AM

It's the War of the Roses (Peddlers)! A flowery feud! A Google gamble, in which customers are wooed. Some of America's top Internet flower retailers are being a little sneaky in trying to become tops in Google's search results (and by proxy, your mom's heart). Who will stop them?

Heroic Customs Agents Confiscate Pistils

Max Read · 05/09/10 10:32PM

[Two agricultural specialist agents from Customs and Border Protection inspected roses in advance of Mother's Day, which is surpassed only by Valentine's Day in the amount of money wasted on pretty plants. Pic via Getty]

Worst YouTube Moms - Happy Mother's Day!

nightintern · 05/09/10 10:00AM

Most of us grew up with awesome moms that treated us well and fed us till we were fat. In case you forgot this, we compiled the worst YouTube moms so you can go home and appreciate your mom.