Surviving the Drought

Anelise Chen · 06/05/15 11:00AM

Since the drought began in California, my mom has become even more overzealous about conserving water. “The lawn is all brown blotches,” she giggled before I went home to visit last summer. “I turn off all the sprinkler but I think Marcelino turns it on.” Marcelino is our neighbor. He is retired gardener who sometimes comes over with his grandkids to tend to our yard. I think he feels bad for it.

Her Jesus Doesn't Love Me: On Finding Closure With My Mom

Michael Arceneaux · 03/07/15 02:15PM

Three months ago, I sat in my bed frustrated with myself. I was upset at all the life choices I'd made up until this point. Physically and mentally exhausted, I ran out to get an energy drink; I'd needed a caffeine-enriched charge to help meet a deadline. And then it happened: later, rushing to the bathroom, I tripped and went hip-first into my desk, knocking the energy drink onto my laptop, its red liquid bleeding into my keyboard.

Study: Your Mom Makes You Ugly

Hamilton Nolan · 08/21/13 03:14PM

Scientists have always believed that, as you get older, you look all worn down and old, and hell, that's just the way it is, tough shit. But a groundbreaking new study says that, like everything else screwed up about you, this is something that you can blame on your mom.

Is Already Being Pregnant the Secret to Landing a Man?

Caity Weaver · 04/11/12 06:38PM

A couple years ago, when CNN Entertainment correspondent Shanon Cook was nine months pregnant, a man was polite to her in a grocery store. The obvious conclusion from this story is that this dude wanted to GET. IT. IN.

Human Placenta Smoothies: Popular in Brooklyn

Maureen O'Connor · 08/22/11 02:25PM

Welcome to the terrible nexus of Foodie and Earth Mama culture: In "The Placenta Cookbook," New York Magazine reports that the placentas of Brooklyn are no longer content to be buried in gardens, or ground into powder and consumed as nutrient-rich dietary supplements. (That is so 2009.) Every placenta who is any placenta gets blended into a coconut juice smoothie, or Bloody Mary, or placenta jerky strip:

Comment of the Day: The Awful Things Mothers Say

Brian Moylan · 06/30/11 06:10PM

Today we told you about a rude mother-in-law who sent her rude daughter-in-law a rude email about her manners. There was lots of rudeness and mother-in-law bashing going around. But what's even worse than an awful mother-in-law is an awful mother.

Woman Tries to Sell Daughter's Virginity for $10,000

Max Read · 05/23/11 09:41PM

Being a mother is difficult! But there are a few no-nonsense guidelines that can help, such as: Do not sell your daughter's virginity. Not even for $10,000. Felicia Rae McClure, of Salt Lake City, has — according to police — not followed this guideline.

The Breast Milk Black Market

Remy Stern · 05/19/11 02:27PM

Breast milk is designed to nourish your baby, of course. But if you're willing to sell this precious body fluid on the black market, you could make thousands, believe it or not. [Jezebel]

What Your Mother's Day Gift Says About You

Richard Lawson · 05/08/11 08:00AM

Just in case you forgot: Mother's Day is today! Alert, alert! You have just hours to scramble and get her something nice and thoughtful. But be careful what you get. Different gifts say different things about you.