Watch a Bunch of News Anchors Struggle to Pronounce "Lupita Nyong'o"

Jay Hathaway · 04/24/14 12:20PM

People's Most Beautiful Person of 2014 is Oscar winner Lupita Nyong'o, unfortunately for news anchors around the U.S., who have no idea how to pronounce her last name. Jimmy Kimmel didn't even need to trick anyone to get this montage of stuttering local newsreaders.

How To Make Capitol Hill's Annual 'Most Beautiful' List

Jim Newell · 07/27/11 03:14PM

The world is quickly tumbling further into hell, thanks entirely to a crisis of Washington's own making, but Capitol Hill is celebrating its favorite holiday of the year today: the release day of The Hill's annual "50 Most Beautiful" list!

Does Landing The Cover Of People's 'Most Beautiful' Issue Come With A Curse?

Molly Friedman · 04/30/08 02:00PM

Today, People has revealed that Kate Hudson will appear as the cover girl for their 2008 Most Beautiful People issue, and we'd certainly like to send out a hearty congrats to the recently divorced single mom who's currently nursing Owen Wilson back to health. But after taking a look back at the list of stars who've previously nabbed the annual issue's cover spot, we fear there may be a curse accompanying the glossy honor. Sure, Leonardo DiCaprio (1998) and Julia Roberts (2000, 2005) haven't slipped up since having their smiley visage top the list, but a sizeable chunk of the winning alumni eerily saw their public and private lives undergo a downward spiral following their appearance on the issue's cover. We took a closer look at the possible curse-laden honor after the jump: