Zika Virus Can Live in Your Saliva Too

Allie Jones · 02/05/16 10:44AM

Zika, the mosquito-born virus that shrinks babies’ brains, continues to alarm scientists as they learn more about how it can be transmitted from person to person. Earlier this week, someone in Texas got the virus from sex, and today, a Brazilian government health institute reported that it discovered for the first time the presence of active Zika virus in urine and saliva samples.

Yellow Fever-Carrying Mosquito Species Discovered in California

Gabrielle Bluestone · 10/20/13 11:35AM

The yellow fever mosquito, also known as Aedes aegypti, has been buzzing around California, leaving larvae in Madera, Fresno and the Bay Area. The species is known to transmit yellow fever, dengue, and other diseases, but must first bite an infected person before it can spread disease.

The West Nile Virus Is Having a Banner Year

Taylor Berman · 08/22/12 07:44PM

The West Nile Virus, which just celebrated its 13th anniversary in North America, is having it's best year yet. So far it's killed 41 and infected over 1,100. I know what you're all thinking: has it really been 13 years? And yes, I also feel old now.

Residents of the Florida Keys Battle Plan That Would Bombard Them With Mutant Mosquitoes

Taylor Berman · 07/11/12 08:31PM

If British scientists have their way, mutant mosquitoes will soon destroy the Florida Keys. Well, not exactly. But it's a possibility, or at least something to to think about, according to the 90,000 residents who have signed a petition. The genetically-modified mosquitoes are designed to resist the spread of Dengue fever, which is apparently a concern these days in the Keys.

Jocks Are Brain-Dead, Nerds Are Fat, Stoners Are in Jail

Hamilton Nolan · 07/18/11 04:15PM

Football brain! Marijuana narcs! Mosquito booze! Grandparents driving! Children sleeping! Teens drinking! Pediatricians lecturing! Big forks! And killer homemade drinks that kill! It's your Monday Health Watch, where we watch your health—no-nonsensically!

Sun, Bugs, and Other Things That Will Kill You This Summer

Hamilton Nolan · 06/01/11 04:27PM

Gluten taste! Chronic fatigue! E. coli! Lady clots! Food symbols! Cilantro nastiness! Sun safety! And eluding mosquitoes with potions made of science! It's your Wednesday Health Watch, where we watch your health—hotly, of course!

Frankenmosquitoes Released on Cayman Islands

Jeff Neumann · 11/12/10 06:13AM

A horde of genetically-modified mutant mosquitoes has been unleashed on the Cayman Islands to kill other mosquitoes that carry potentially deadly dengue fever. The millions of sterilized male mosquitos will mate with wild females, but produce no offspring.

Your Forecast for Summer: 'Mosquito Emergency'

Max Read · 05/31/10 09:40PM

A rainy spring in the northeast was "the perfect storm for mosquitoes," who breed in standing water left after rainstorms. Can't wait! To avoid painful mosquito bites, we recommend not having any blood in your body. [Fox]