Moron Living Next to a Mosque Is Upset

Jim Newell · 05/11/11 02:26PM

What say we check the headlines for a new installation of that old segment, Morons With Signs On Their Lawns, hmm? Let's see here... well look at that, it's a moron with a sign on his lawn! Michael Heick of Amherst, New York — the moron — lives next to a mosque, but can't stand their flashy lights. So the sign he's put on his lawn says, "BOMB MAKING NEXT DRIVEWAY." Take that, fuckers!

Maine Mosque Vandalized Following Bin Laden Death

TPM · 05/02/11 07:52PM

On Monday in Portland, ME the walls of the largest mosque in town were spray-painted with "Osama today, Islam tomorow [sic]" and other phrases, sometime following morning prayers on the day after American forces killed Osama bin Laden in Pakistan.

Poll: Most Americans Are Islamists

Max Read · 03/24/11 10:02PM

Bad news for Rep. Peter King's eternal fight against the second-largest religion on the planet! Turns out most Americans are actually dyed-in-the-wool radical Islamists: Sixty nine percent would be "okay" with having a mosque in their communities, and 46 percent have a favorable view of American Muslims, according to a CNN poll. As you might imagine, there is one last bastion of true American Muslin-hating—the rural south, where one half of people say they'd "disapprove" of a neighborhood mosque, unless it had a big confederate flag painted on it. [CNN; image via AP]

Does This Domed Christian Church Look Muslim to You?

Jim Newell · 11/15/10 05:58PM

A non-denominational Christian church under construction in Phoenix will have a dome. A dome on a church? To neighborhood residents, this doesn't add up. It must be a mosque, from which Islamic radicals will impose Sharia law on America.