​Morning Joe Offers an Incredible Comic Tribute to Harold Ramis

Tom Scocca · 02/25/14 03:45PM

Has the death of Harold Ramis left the world a less funny place? MSNBC's "Morning Joe" explored the issue this morning, as NBC News political director Chuck Todd led the show in a discussion of how grievously unfunny the New York Times obituary of Ramis was. Chuck Todd is an expert on what is and is not funny. Here, for devoted students of comic technique, is a transcript of Todd's remarks:

Chris Matthews Unloads on Republican Boss Over 'Race Card'

Max Read · 08/27/12 01:09PM

Here's MSNBC's Chris Matthews yelling at Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus over the Romney campaign's recent dabbling in birther jokes and welfare ads. Chris Matthews is kind of a blowhard moron but I'd watch anyone yell at Reince Priebus, basically.

Education Secretary Arne Duncan Comes Out in Support of Gay Marriage

Max Read · 05/07/12 10:13AM

U.S. Secretary of Education and Chief Presidential Basketball Guy Arne Duncan endorsed marriage equality on Monday morning, telling Mark Halperin on Morning Joe that "yes," he believes gay men and women should be allowed to marry. (Not each other: you know what I mean, though.)

Here's Chuck Todd Flipping the Bird on Live TV

Max Read · 12/14/11 09:13AM

Is Morning Joe the most offensive morning news and talk show on cable television? Seriously, it's like you can't turn it on without catching something vulgar and indecent. Just watch this video: Harold Ford is presented as an intelligent, thoughtful person with valuable and considered opinions. Children watch this show! What if my kid comes home and starts imitating these people? Maybe you want a nation of tiny Mark Halperins running around—I, for one, do not.

Ann Coulter's 'Douche Bag' Too Edgy for Morning Joe

Max Read · 11/29/11 10:40AM

The first question you probably asked yourself when you got out of bed this morning was probably, "What insightful opinions can Ann Coulter share with me today?" And now you'll never now, thanks to the oppressive "douche bags" at Morning Joe, who bleeped out about 13 seconds of Coulter's hilariously edgy political commentary:

Bill Clinton: Let Presidents Serve Three Terms!

Jim Newell · 11/08/11 12:37PM

Bill Clinton popped into MSNBC's Morning Joe this morning, for some reason. Perhaps because all the dentists offering root canals were booked at the time? Oh, yes, he had to promote his new policy book! Anyhoo, he really wants to be president again.

Inseparable, Insufferable TV Hosts to Write Joint Memoir

John Cook · 10/20/11 04:14PM

Coffee marketers and morning-show hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski are writing a memoir. Together. Because the fact that you see them on the TV together means that you want to read about them both at the same time! If you'd like to read about them separately, pick up Brzezinski's 2009 already written memoir All Things at Once and Scarborough's 2004 "part memoir, part political treatise" Rome Wasn't Burnt in a Day. Maybe this new one will have awesome sex scenes, or something.

Tina Brown Embarrassed Herself on TV This Morning

Brian Moylan · 07/06/11 11:55AM

Daily Beast and Newsweek commander Tina Brown was an utter embarrassment on Morning Joe today. It wasn't because she was talking about her horrific Zombie Princess Di cover again. It was that she failed to do the most rudimentary thing before going on live television: shut off her cell phone.

Mark Halperin Calls Obama 'A Dick'

Hamilton Nolan · 06/30/11 09:06AM

Mark Halperin, the always-wrong journopundit who serves as a frequent MSNBC talking head, was on Morning Joe this morning—where, naturally, he was whining about how mean the president was to the simpering DC press corps during his press conference yesterday. "Are we on the seven second delay? I wanted to characterize how I thought the president behaved," said Halperin, setting up what you knew would be one whopper of a funny joke.

Murdoch Family Members Are Remarkably Successful at News Corp

Hamilton Nolan · 03/30/11 02:00PM

In your coincidental Wednesday media column: James Murdoch gets a promotion, digital media is a strange business, NBC News misplaced its GE story, Starbucks and Morning Joe will never separate, and the NYO is photogenic.

Chris Noth Talks About His Ego on Morning Joe

Whitney Jefferson · 03/25/11 11:55AM

This morning on Morning Joe, Chris Noth was asked about a comment that his co-star, Jim Gaffigan, made about his ego. Wait, you're telling me the man who played Mr. Big has an ego? I'm shocked.