In Twist of Fate, Fat May Shrink Brains

Andrew Belonsky · 08/23/09 08:28PM

Fat: it's good for lewd and cruel jokes, but it's not so good for your health - including that of your brains. It eats them!

'AdAge' Only Lives to Love 'More' More Each Day

abalk2 · 10/23/06 01:50PM

Not only has AdAge crowned Vogue Editor Anna Wintour the Magazine Editor of the Year, they've put together a list/chart of "The A List," their top ten books for 2006. You can download it here. It gives a nice perspective on where the industry is going: More, the magazine of the year, is lauded for its pursuit of women whose best eggs are behind them. Rapidly-rising In Touch Weekly just cracks the top ten, coming in four slots below People. New York magazine is at number four, and AdAge declares it "a title that should be read around the country." It's true: How else will folks in Hamtramck learn to assemble a Malcolm Gladwell Halloween costume?