Hamilton Nolan · 07/03/13 02:32PM

The fourth and fifth moons of Pluto have officially been named Kerberos and Styx, respectively. The Earth's moon is still named fucking "Aiden."

Scientists Discover Pluto's Fifth Moon

Taylor Berman · 07/11/12 09:29PM

Perhaps because they still feel bad about taking away Pluto's official planet privileges in 2006, scientists using the Hubble Telescope discovered a fifth moon orbiting the former 9th planet. The moon, creatively titled S/2012 (134340) 1, or P5, is irregular in shape and roughly 6-15 miles across.

We Used to Have Another Moon, Until Our Moon Murdered It

Max Read · 08/03/11 08:56PM

Scientists have long puzzled over the odd shape of the Moon: One side is "dominated by low-lying lava plains" while the other is "composed of highlands." But we may finally know why! Because the moon is a murderer.

Meet Pluto's New Moon

Adrian Chen · 07/20/11 04:41PM

Astronomers using Hubble Space Telescope have discovered a new, 21 mile-wide moon orbiting Pluto. They're going to call it "P4" until they can come up with a better name for it.