A Moon Man for Vice President

Melissa Cronin · 05/07/16 03:40PM

As Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump begins to mull over his options for vice president, here’s hoping he’ll shoot for the moon—or, more particularly, a man who loves the moon.

Brendan O'Connor · 09/26/15 01:15PM

Mormon leaders have issued a rare public statement to the church’s 15 million members, advising that the confluence Sunday of a lunar eclipse and a supermoon (a “blood moon”) should not be taken as a sign of the apocalypse: “Avoid being caught up in extreme efforts to anticipate catastrophic events.”

Max Rivlin-Nadler · 05/18/13 02:20PM

The moon was hit by a huge meteorite in March that left a new crater 65 feet wide. The impact was visible to the naked eye, but because it happened in March and NASA is just telling us now, don't even bother looking for it. Thanks anyway, NASA.

'Neil Armstrong - LYING PIECE OF MASON SH*T: Good RIDDANCE': Moon Truthers Mourn a Legend

Max Read · 08/27/12 02:25PM

Neil Armstrong, the first human being to ever set foot on the moon, died over the weekend, triggering an avalanche of eulogies, remembrances, and memorials. Both from the vast majority of human beings who are in awe of Armstrong's feat — and from the few hundred weirdos on the internet who believe the moon landing was faked by Illuminati Reptilians.

Where the Hell Are All Our Moon Rocks?

Adrian Chen · 12/09/11 05:38PM

An audit released yesterday found that NASA is missing hundreds of precious moon rocks. Imagine that: Going all the way to the Moon only to lose this stuff in couch cushions.

We Used to Have Another Moon, Until Our Moon Murdered It

Max Read · 08/03/11 08:56PM

Scientists have long puzzled over the odd shape of the Moon: One side is "dominated by low-lying lava plains" while the other is "composed of highlands." But we may finally know why! Because the moon is a murderer.

Source Code: Jake Gyllenhaal Is Inside You

Richard Lawson · 11/22/10 12:13PM

Here's a trailer for Source Code, the sci-fi thriller from the director of Moon about a device that allows a military man (Jake) to enter the body of someone else for the last eight minutes of their life. Sure, OK.

Faces of the Moon

Max Read · 08/22/10 11:05PM

[A Palestinian woman reads from the Qu'ran in Nablus, the West Bank, on Sunday. Ramadan, the Islamic holy month, began a little more than a week ago and ends in early September. Pic via AP.]

Netflix Sunday Matinee: Moon

Tom Dobrowolski · 06/13/10 12:30PM

Sam Rockwell puts forth a Tour de Force performance in this 2009 film as the sole occupier of the moon. Alone for three years, he begins questioning his mental health with the appearance of a new visitor.