We Have Seen the Oklahoma Capitol Satanic Monument, and It Is Awesome

Adam Weinstein · 05/01/14 03:50PM

For months it seemed like a quick joke, but now it's concrete. Well, putty, anyway. Hard-chargin' Satanists have a mockup of a monument to the dark lord (and two rapt kids) that they plan to display in front of the Oklahoma statehouse. And other than being evil, it's pretty boss.

Fuck Our National Monuments

Hamilton Nolan · 10/15/13 03:59PM

No aspect of the U.S. government shutdown has garnered more public attention or drawn more outrage than the closing of national monuments. State governments and private donors have kicked in funds to keep monuments open. Here is a more nuanced perspective: fuck the fucking national monuments.

The Washington Monument Is Temporarily Awesome Again

Tom Scocca · 07/10/13 02:38PM

Most of the time, the heart of our nation's capital is a monument to monumentalism, the neoclassical ostentatiously trying to pass itself off as the eternal. But for a few years at the end of the 20th century, the architectural stasis was interrupted by something weird and charming: the Washington Monument became a light-up cartoon version of itself.

America's Great Wall Is a Mound of Tires in South Carolina

Max Read · 11/20/11 02:12PM

The Great Wall of China has long been said to be the only man-made structure visible from space. Well, guess what, commies? America's got its own space-visible man-made structure: a mound of discarded tires in Calhoun County, South Carolina.

America Celebrates Martin Luther King Jr.'s Legacy With Awkward, Ugly Rock

John Cook · 08/22/11 03:31PM

Forty-three years after his assassination, Martin Luther King, Jr., has taken his place on the National Mall: the MLK Memorial in Washington, D.C., was unveiled to the press today, in advance of its official dedication next week. It captures the great civil rights martyr just as he was in life: Trapped in a big white rock, like Han Solo frozen in carbonite, with some other rocks piled up behind him.