Two Canadian Inmates Escape via Hijacked Helicopter in Daring Mid-Day Prison Break

Taylor Berman · 03/17/13 10:25PM

Taking their cues from direct-to-DVD action movies, two inmates broke out of a Quebec prison today by climbing a rope to a hijacked helicopter hovering above the jail's yard. Quebec provincial police later arrested three people 30 miles from St. Jerome prison, including one of the inmates, 36-year-old Benjamin Hudon-Barbeau. The other escaped inmate, 33-year-old Danny Provencal, is currently "surrounded," according to police.

Baby Goes For Ride After Being Snatched by Swooping Eagle

Jordan Sargent · 12/18/12 11:39PM

Canadian eagles apparently don't share the disposition of Canadian humans, as evidenced by this dickhead eagle that tried to SNATCH A BABY STRAIGHT OFF THE GROUND in Montreal. Fortunately, the eagle was not able to pull off the greatest aviary caper in world history, probably because small humans weigh many more pounds than big rodents. Hopefully for the eagle's sake, his family won't be too angry at him after he was unable to provide for them on Reverse Thanksgiving. (Update: read theories about why the video is fake here.)

Trax Read: the Simple, Beautiful Earnestness of CFCF's Exercises

Max Read · 04/27/12 02:20PM

Mike Silver first started making music on his computer when he was 12, and for much of his life kept it fairly private. In 2008, he won a remix contest and slowly began to take his music public, culminating in a series of orignal albums and EPs (his latest, Exercises, was released on Tuesday). Under the name CFCF, he's built an impressive and wide-ranging body of production (he calls his genre "atmospheric electronic music with cinematic undertones"), but his music still retains a certain bedroom quality — an implied quiet, a sleepy intimacy, the close-quarters sensation of a private conversation.

All Cities Look Amazing in Time-Lapse Videos

Brian Moylan · 05/06/11 02:14PM

Filmmaker Dominic Boudreault made this awesome movie called "The City Limits" where he filmed time-lapse footage of Chicago, Toronto, New York, and Montreal and then edited it all together. Unless you know the various cities' landmarks, you can hardly tell them apart. Is it urbanist to say all cities look the same? You can't even tell which ones are in Canada and which are in the good old U.S. of A. Still, New York looks the best, right? Right?!

Montreal Teacher Caught Giving Kids Test On Penis Size

Richard Lawson · 12/02/10 01:56PM

Ohh dear. A teacher in Montreal has been suspended after giving her eighth graders a multiple-choice test with sexually explicit questions like whether or not "blacks have bigger penises" for a morals and ethics class. How meta of her?

Family of Four Dies in Sinkhole

Max Read · 05/13/10 01:16AM

A Montreal family was killed when the "sensitive clay" on which their home was built spontaneously liquified and gave way. "Even a fly landing on the surface can set it off," geologist Michel Bouchard said. [NYT; pic via AP]

Retailer Pulls Catalogs With Death Camp-Thin Models—Can We Get Some Pictures?

Moe · 08/28/08 04:28PM

The president of a venerable Montreal retailer is pulling some 450,000 of the the store's catalogs because he decided the models were too thin. Says Peter Simons of La Maison Simons, who claims he was on vacation when the catalogs were printed: "We are into social responsibility here.... I'm fully aware of what it is and I'm taking full responsibility… It's my job to ensure that we are a constructive actor in the community. I should have done better. I should have seen it." Well, holy overblown contrition, Pete, it's not like you asked the models to watch you masturbate like I hear is the retailing executive custom up there in Montreal! In any case, this is the most emaciated-looking picture I could find on the internet from the La Maison Simons catalog — its private label is called "Twik" — so for good measure thought I'd go back and upload my favorite pic from the pages of that other great publication and crusader against eating disorders, Teen Vogue.That's more like it!

MediaScrape another Montreal startup haunted by crazed cocaine addicts

Jackson West · 05/27/08 05:40PM

Apparently Capazoo isn't the only Montreal startup with delusional, coke-addled, co-founders in the family. MediaScrape's Tyler Cavell went ballistic in the TechCrunch comments, casting aspersions on an anonymous detractor he figures was his substance-challenged cousin whom Cavell saved from "skid row." All I can think is that the success of Vice Magazine can not have set a good example for wantrepreneurs in Quebec. [TechCrunch]

Inside Capazoo's drug-fueled implosion

Jackson West · 03/21/08 04:00PM

The Montreal-based social network that's teetering on the edge of extinction was a family affair, both in the nepotism sense and allegedly in the mafia sense. That's according to a former employee who sent in an epic tale of sex, drugs and shady business dealings under CEO Luc Verville, pictured here in happier times. His brother Michel, a cofounder, was kicked out of the company — but not before generating some serious ill will among employees: