Lacey Donohue · 11/20/13 11:59PM

Sylvia Browne, psychic, bestselling author, and frequent guest on The Montel Williams Show, died Wednesday in a Northern California hospital. She was 77.

Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal Already Broke Up

Maureen O'Connor · 01/05/11 10:42AM

The most saccharine couple ever to grace a celebrity glossy breaks up. Palm Desert police say Lindsay Lohan violated her probation. Meg Ryan and John Mellencamp are dating. Kelli Pickler is married. Wednesday gossip is a Taylor Swift break-up ballad.

Denied Entry from the Dior Show, Lindsay Lohan Flees in Shame

Maureen O'Connor · 03/06/10 11:14AM

LiLo is tardy to the party. Gabourey Sidibe says 'no' to Oprah. Nicole Kidman loses a role to a 17-year-old Disney star. Sandra Bullock prepares for the Oscars by stocking up on tissue. Saturday gossip deals with rejection.

Montel Williams: He's Back!

Hamilton Nolan · 03/11/09 04:03PM

Hey, empathetic bald man Montel Williams is "getting his own national radio show through a multi-year deal with Air America Radio," which is kinda like Maury Povich getting a "national" column in Steppin Out.

mark · 01/31/08 02:45PM

Reacting late last night on Daily Kos to the news that daytime TV's Montel Williams Era was coming to an abrupt end, Brandon Friedman speculates that a recent Fox News Channel appearance, in which the former Marine decried his hosts' obsession (and, to be fair, that of the entire American media) with covering Heath Ledger over the Iraq war, might have had something to do with his show's whacking, as a non-renewal by a number of Fox-owned stations contributed to its demise: "Three minutes into this awkward segment on Fox, one host cut off Montel in order to go to a commercial. Montel did not return after the break. Four days later, after 17 years as a television host, Montel lost his job." There's more to the argument than that pullquote (he has video, and also readily recognizes that Montel might have already known his show's fate and decided to "cut loose"), but we'll end there to fuel conjecture that somewhere, a displeased Rupert Murdoch whispered to a lackey, "I want his career buried deeper than that instigator Sally Jesse Raphael's." [Daily Kos]

mark · 01/30/08 08:15PM

Long before Dr. Phil first browbeat a thick-headed Oprah couch-guest into taking control of her drug/weight/self-image problem (we think we've covered the likely bases there) and ushered in a bold new era of daytime TV tough-love, there was Montel Williams, who, unlike the aforementioned, shouty fake-doctor, hardly needed to raise his voice to let the troubled know it was time to shape up. Alas, the Montel Era is coming to a close at the completion the current season, the show's 17th. Maybe it's just our grief talking, but we feel like it's not the craziest thing to hope that Williams might soon be fielding a call from Barbara Walters, offering him a chance to be The View's first penis-bearring permanent co-host, as seemingly countless days listening to Sherri Shepherd's nonsense have finally made her consider shaking up their tired format. [USA]

Montel Williams: Newspaper Interns Are Dangerous, Must Be Eliminated

Maggie · 12/03/07 11:50AM

Over the weekend, multiple sclerosis victim and talkshow host Montel Williams threatened a teenage newspaper intern who asked him a question at a press event. "Don't look at me like that," he said to her. "Do you know who I am? I'm a big star, and I can look you up, find where you live and blow you up." On the next "Montel Williams Show"—"Former U.S. Naval Officers Behaving Badly: What to do when your child is threatened by crazy men with expert tactical ordnance deployment."

What Could Montel Williams Be Looking At?

Joshua Stein · 10/25/07 01:15PM

Talk show host and proponent of the collarless dress shirt Montel Williams was at the Fox Business channel launch last night, sporting some serious diamond studs and an escort who had perfected the art of the side-boob. He waited for a lonnnnnnng time to talk to Rupert Murdoch.