If You Didn't Read the Montana Newspaper This Week, You're Missing Out

Adam Weinstein · 05/20/15 01:20PM

You may have heard about the Billings teen who could face charges for killing his best friend with an “heirloom” revolver after the friend tapped on his window in the dead of night. But what do you know of 10 dead bears, sheep eradicating ragweed, and a lawsuit over the Garden of Read’n Christian bookstore?

Montana Cop Breaks Down in Tears After Shooting Unarmed Man

Taylor Berman · 01/13/15 04:12PM

On April 14, Billings, Montana police officer Grant Morrison shot and killed a robbery suspect after the suspect failed to keep his hands visible during a traffic stop. Seconds later, a dashboard camera recorded Morrison breaking down in tears after finding out that the suspect—38-year-old Richard Ramirez—was unarmed.

Jeremih Was Allegedly Out of Control at Fuddruckers

Brian Feldman · 11/08/14 09:44AM

Jeremih, the R&B singer known for “Birthday Sex,” caused quite a scene at a Montana Fuddruckers. According to TMZ, he and his entourage “allegedly went nuclear,” causing $700 in damage and injuring a frier.

Iraq-Serving Senator Plagiarized His Army War College Thesis

Adam Weinstein · 07/23/14 03:18PM

John Walsh looks and sounds like a senator. The Democrat, who replaced retiring Max Baucus earlier this year and is running for reelection this fall, leans on his 33-year as a decorated combat soldier. But like a senator, he may have cheated and stolen to keep that career on track.

A Kinder Way to Kill

Christopher Connor · 05/10/14 12:40PM

I grew up with a killer. My father. He didn't kill in a way that would ever send him to jail. He wasn't in the military. Instead, he used the death penalty. Sometimes he called and gave the order for inmates to be executed.

Adam Weinstein · 02/07/14 02:35PM

Montana's governor today appointed Democrat John Walsh to take the seat left open by Sen. Max Baucus, who's becoming an ambassador. The move again gives Montana, population 1 million, the same number of senators as California, population 38 million.