Watch Zach Galifianakis' Hilariously Random SNL Monologue

Matt Cherette · 03/13/11 12:03AM

Tonight, Zach Galifianakis is hosting Saturday Night Live, and—if his monologue was any indication—we're in for a funny evening. Because he absolutely killed it. Hilarious stand-up jokes, awkward silences, and an Annie lip sync?! Like. A. Boss.

Mario's Internal Monologue

Mike Byhoff · 03/15/10 11:15AM

Check out this hilarious clip of Mario's internal monologue as he races through a level. He just wants to find the princess and get laid...if only the flaming sticks and bottomless pits didn't get in the way.

Tinsley Mortimer Headed for Divorce??

Richard Lawson · 01/11/09 12:15PM

Have über-socialite Tinsley Mortimer and her hilariously-named hedge fund hubby Topper called it quits? Proving it still has reason to exist, the New York Post's Page Six whispers that it might be so. Wicked!