United Airlines Customer Service Was So Bad It Made a Monk Lose His Cool

Andy Cush · 01/02/15 04:19PM

Perhaps you traveled by air this holiday season, and perhaps you wouldn't use the word "exemplary" to describe your customer service. Perhaps the airline representative took a tone with you over the phone, and perhaps you said some things you didn't mean in return. Congrats! You're in good company.

Teenage Monks Being Mad Disrespectful of Monkhood Stuff Right Now

Hamilton Nolan · 08/15/12 08:45AM

This "millennial" generation of youngsters these days—is there any respected institution which they cannot ruin merely by being themselves? It seems not. For thousands of years, Buddhist monks have had a good thing going: they sit. They chant. They chill. And now? "Me-first" teenage monks these days are using the internet to destroy everything, as usual.

Italian Monks Pray Thief Is Struck by 'Strong Bout of the Shits'

Seth Abramovitch · 08/18/11 09:20PM

A group of Franciscan monks are furious over two recent thefts of rare and expensive bibles from the lectern of their 15th century church in Florence, Italy. So they took action, pinning up a note for their congregation in which they expressed hope that the thief would see the error in his ways and return the bibles. Should he not, however, they added:

Ghosts Apparently Don't Like Water Slides

Jeff Neumann · 02/07/11 06:19AM

Britain's Thorpe Park was building a new water ride right on top of an ancient burial ground until workers started complaining about cold sensations and other ghostly feelings, so they've called in a paranormal detection agency. Great marketing scheme!

Rappin' Monk Expands Artistic Repertoire

Hamilton Nolan · 02/08/10 12:18PM

Big news for fans of Kansho Tagai, a.k.a. Mr. Happiness, Japan's most famous 49 year-old rappin' Buddhist monk: He's ready to move into a new medium—"mixing Buddhist chants with tap-dancing." Is the Buddhist hip hop audience ready? [Reuters]