Here Is the Only Known Photo of Hillary Clinton Meeting Monica Lewinsky

J.K. Trotter · 10/09/15 11:45AM

One of the more curious features of Bill Clinton’s years-long affair with Monica Lewinsky is the photographic trail the paramours left behind: posing in the Oval Office, hugging on the campaign trail, shooting the shit in the West Wing. In the years since, however, no such photos have emerged of Lewinsky and Hillary Clinton—which is more than a little strange, given the outsized role the former First Lady played in her husband’s administration.

Who Had Monica Lewinsky Kicked Out of Al Gore's Box at Cannes?

Gabrielle Bluestone · 06/29/15 01:15PM

According to a report in the Guardian, Monica Lewinsky came this close to sitting in the same box as Al Gore this weekend at Cannes before organizers wised up and tossed her out—narrowly averting a crisis, maybe, if this had happened in say, 1998. Mon dieu, quelle horreur. Can you even imagine?

I Feel Sorry For Monica Lewinsky

Michelle Dean · 05/09/14 09:35AM

I feel sorry for Monica Lewinsky. I am not sure why it is apparently so difficult for people to simply say that, even now.

Monica Lewinsky Wants to Go Into PR

Maureen O'Connor · 09/07/11 02:43PM

Here's a fun exercise in "Hey, whatever happened to…?" After seventeen years of nonstop blowjob jokes, Monica is still unemployed and alone, living in her parents' houses and relying on her family's money, according to the National Enquirer. (So take it with a cigar tube of salt.) Since her handbag line never took off, she is reportedly considering a wildly incongruous career in PR. The Daily Mail reports,

How Bill Clinton Got His Sweet, Sweet Revenge on John Edwards

Jim Newell · 09/27/10 04:39PM

Bill Clinton is pretty content nowadays. He's rich, his initiative is soaring, the White House needs him. This is happiness. But never underestimate his love for acting on ancient grudges, as he did with sex pariah John Edwards in 2008.

Can We All Please Leave Bill Clinton's Penis Alone?

Brian Moylan · 04/06/10 04:30PM

A new study about sexual habits and a memoir continue the nation's obsession with the former Commanding Member-in-Chief. It caused one of the great national scandals of our day, but it is time to give the old boy a rest.

Letterman Haunted by the Ghosts of Monica Lewinsky Jokes Past

Brian Moylan · 10/02/09 10:28AM

Since David Letterman went public about having sex with members on his staff, one of his myriad humiliations is having all those millions of "sex with interns" jokes he made about Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky turned back at him.

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 07/23/09 06:37AM

Two Seymours are celebrating today: Stephanie Seymour is turning 41; Philip Seymour Hoffman is turning 42. Woody Harrelson is 48. Daniel Radcliffe is 20. Don Imus turns 69. Michelle Williams of Destiny's Child is turning 29. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy turns 73. Local news anchor Kaity Tong is 60. Actress Stephanie March is turning 35. The New Yorker's Hendrik Hertzberg is 66. Estate jeweler Fred Leighton turns 77. LA Times columnist Joel Stein is turning 38. Slash from Guns N' Roses is 44. Marlon Wayans is 37. Interior designer David Kleinberg is 55. Country music star Alison Krauss turns 38. And Ms. Monica Lewinsky celebrates her 36th birthday today.

STV · 11/04/08 06:17PM

Hollywood PrivacyWatch UPDATE: Monica Lewinsky Spotted! Our tipster who earlier spied Intern Hall of Famer Monica Lewinsky waiting to vote outside the LA Tennis Club was just corroborated by another operative who preserved the moment in pictures. The tipster writes of delays pushing two hours, but let's face it: Waiting all morning to cast her ballot is the least Lewinsky could do for the American political process. Literally. Click through for a blurry cellphone glimpse of today's local milestone in democracy.

Who Is The Mystery Person Who Got To Say "Fuck" In The New York Times?

Moe · 08/18/08 12:22PM

"There's a new Star Wars movie, and no one cares," announced New York Times Opinionator blogger Chris Sullentrop in a Friday afternoon post, about which we would not have cared if it hadn't been closely followed by sixteen ominous words: "(Warning: if you click through the link there will be language that The Times frowns upon.)" (Warning: Spoiler alert: "Fuck.") Okay so: every newspaper has anachronistic decency standards, but the Times is the most stubbornly prudish. One time, for instance, they refused to print the name of the bar The Cock. Another time, Dick Cheney told Patrick Leahy to "Fuck off" on the Senate floor on the same day the Senate passed the "Defense of Decency Act" and everyone printed the word then — except the Times. One special historical figure has been directly quoted uttering those four letters in the Times's database-searchable history and it is:Monica! Duh. Remember the Starr Report? Bet you never thought you'd look back on that era as one in which the mainstream media seemed less disingenuously pious.