Brüno's Package Disappointingly Small

Richard Lawson · 07/13/09 10:51AM

If a gay Austrian falls in the middle of his opening weekend, and lots of people are around to see it, does it mean America hates gay people? Probably yes.

Nobody Puts Sandra Bullock In a Corner

Richard Lawson · 06/22/09 11:31AM

Sandy Bullock is back in the game, folks! At a lean, mean 45 the actress has pulled off a huge opening. Some credit should go, we suppose, to costars Ryan Reynolds and Betty White. But mostly, yeah, this is Sandy's.

The Force Is Strong in Star Trek!

Richard Lawson · 05/11/09 09:19AM

To Infinity, and Beyond! I mean... um... Frak! Wait. No. I am... your father... Greedo... Bespin... Um... Oh, right! Star Trek prospered this weekend and will likely live long in theaters.

Newspaper Industry Destroyed by Ageless Gay Elf

Richard Lawson · 04/20/09 10:02AM

A teen reigns at the box office once again, this time though, it's a boy! Plus politics and newspapers don't resound too much with audiences, nor do dark Taxi Driver-esque mall comedies.