500 Days of Kristin, Day 403: Kristin Blogs

Allie Jones · 03/02/16 04:20PM

Former Laguna Beach star Kristin Cavallari will soon be a published author, but today, she officially became a blogger.—a blog about fantastic moms—published a listicle by Kristin titled, “8 Lessons I Want My Kids to Learn Before They’re Teens.”

"Life's Too Short to Be Sad...EVER": A Sparkly Sleepover Party With YouTube's Most Popular Girls

Allie Jones · 10/15/15 10:00AM

In our digital age, there are increasingly more ways for young women to become famous. Perhaps the fastest growing exposure industry is YouTube, where content creators in their early twenties cosplay “high school life” for a legion of pre-teen viewers. “I hope your message is that this is fucked up,” a mom of a 10-year-old YouTube fan told me Monday night.

In Praise of Single Mothers

Dayna Evans · 05/10/15 10:55AM

At the bottom of a crowded subway stairwell one recent night, I got lodged behind a mother and her toddler-age son. She was bending down to level with him, his tiny primary-colored backpack slung over her left shoulder and a vinyl grocery tote in her right fist. The two were going over that night’s dinner plans.

What the Hell Are You Doing? You're Burning the Shit Out of My Plants!

Dayna Evans · 05/04/15 04:20PM

With a little bit of headsmarts and ingenuity, anything is possible. Want to make a volcano but don’t particular remember middle school chemistry class? One young man has just the solution: a chiminea, a leafblower, and some dried up plants. It’s all you need to get in business—that is, until mom sees you.

Send Us Your Mom's Texts and Emails About the Blizzard 

Allie Jones · 01/26/15 03:38PM

Have you gone to the store yet? You're working from home, right? Do you have extra batteries even though you do not own any battery-powered devices? Well, Jesus, get on it, because the "crippling," "historic," big-ass blizzard of 2015 is coming fast and furious and your mother is only concerned because she loves you.

Good Son Obeys Mom's No Porn in the House Rule, Jerks Off in Yard 

Aleksander Chan · 12/12/14 08:27AM

Anthony Smith, 21, was arrested by Martin County, Fla. police last month after sheriff's deputies found him outside his home, naked and masturbating. He was just listening to his mother, apparently: Smith told police that she doesn't allow him to watch porn inside.

Mother Miraculously Wakes Up After Not Having a Pulse For 45 Minutes

Aleksander Chan · 11/10/14 01:30PM

After giving birth via cesarian section at Boca Raton Regional Hospital in September, Ruby Graupera-Cassimiro fell unconscious from a rare amniotic fluid embolism. Doctors attempted to revive her for three hours, and after 45 minutes without a pulse, her family was called into the operating room to say their goodbyes. Just before doctors planned to declare the mother dead, her heart started beating again.

Teen Is Super Sad Beyoncé Didn't Show Up to His Dental Surgery

Aleksander Chan · 10/06/14 06:58AM

In keeping with the honored tradition started by David After the Dentist, 17-year-old Cody Lanphere's mother recorded him at his loopiest while driving home from having his wisdom teeth removed. His eyes swell with tears as he asks, "Where is Beyoncé? She told—she told me she'd be here. She lied to me! She lied to me, mommy."

NRA Goes After a Female Gun Control Advocate as Only the NRA Can

Adam Weinstein · 08/25/14 03:10PM

Shannon Watts, the head of the pro-gun-regulation group Moms Demand Action, is a mom. The National Rifle Association hates Watts. So it wrote a blistering profile of her. And dressed her up as a cutout mom with kitchen and housekeeping accoutrements, because moms oughta know their place!

U.K. Mom Says Giant Fake Boobs Make Her a Better Parent

Jay Hathaway · 07/25/14 11:45AM

A Suffolk, U.K. woman says she had her breasts enhanced from an A to a G cup because her discomfort with them got in the way of raising her two-year-old son. Now that she has her implants, she's basically the mum of the year.