Lacey Donohue · 10/27/13 09:21PM

This year you won't be lying when you tell your mom you can't find a cheap flight home for the holidays. Fares on Thanksgiving flights are up 9.4% compared to a year ago and Christmas fares are already 7.3% higher.

Obama Calls Your Mom

Seth Abramovitch · 06/24/11 02:20AM

So you're a kid, nice kid, hanging out with your little sister. A limo pulls up, door opens, and a guy who looks exactly like the president tells you to get inside, promises you he'll call your mom with his fancy presidential car phone. What do you do? Do you get in? Of course you get in! And magic happens. Duh. Stop being so suspicious of grown-ups all the time.

Letter From Mom

Pareene · 03/06/08 05:23PM

"Also, as I was watching Anderson Cooper last night, I decided that if I were ever on his show (okay, and I know you are thinking I won't be but you never know, Alex) I would call him 'Andy.'"