Dear Ryan Seacrest: People Who Live In Barbie Dream Houses Shouldn't Throw Mojitos

Mark Graham · 09/25/08 06:55PM

When Clay Aiken showed up on the cover of People this week announcing to the world that he is, in fact, a gay American, most of us —save the Claymates— processed the relatively unsurprising news and went about our lives. However, while on the radio this morning, Ryan Seacrest couldn't help getting snarky on his old pal when he sarcastically dropped the line "In other news, water is wet and ice cream is cold" while discussing the news. Needless to say, this irked our Intrepid Defamer Videographer Molly McAleer more than a little. Listen to her tear the frosty tipped mogul a new one (and get your evening's To Do's) after the jump.· Atmosphere at the Wiltern. · Megapuss at the Troubadour. · Digital LA - Digital Drinks at the Roosevelt.

Brave Molly McAleer Fights Through Her Claymate Heartbreak

STV · 09/24/08 05:05PM

You might not have taken Molls for much of a Claymate, but we're counting her today among the legions still baffled, hurt, shocked and stunned over their hero's recent defection from the closet. As such, today's episode of Defamer To Do's provides an essential period of reflection for Molls and her anguished partners in faith to grapple with Clay Aiken's disclosure and finally — finally — let the healing begin. Or, if you were in the minority who saw through the ruse all along, follow along for a glimpse at today's essential places to be for the dark night of the soul ahead.· The Hives at the Mayan · KGB Comedy at Bar Lubitsch · War Tapes EP Release Party at Boardner's · You Need Help at UCB

Molly McAleer Is Also A Lesbian, Also Sad About DJ AM

Mark Graham · 09/23/08 05:55PM

Today has been quite the day for famous people going on record with their sexual preferences. This morning, we heard the big news about Lindsay Lohan's personal predilections, and this afternoon brought us the glorious news of Clay Aiken's sexual liberation. Well, we thought it was only fair to continue this grand tradition by exclusively revealing to you, the Defamer reader, what team our very own Molls plays for. And by exclusive, we mean "exclusive to those of you not listening to local radio in Austin, Texas this morning." Get in on the action with this evening's To Do's found, as always, after the jump!· CSS at the Mayan Theater. · Cold War Kids at Fingerprints. · Architecture and Seduction at the Hammer Museum. · Brazilian Girls at The Wiltern.

Choose Your Own Adventure: Halloween Wigs or Heidi Klum?

Mark Graham · 09/22/08 06:30PM

When faced with the difficult decision as to whether to watch the Emmys or go to the grocery store last night, our Intrepid Defamer Videographer™ Molly McAleer weighed all of her options carefully before making the final call. As you might expect, there were pros and cons on each side. For instance, the Emmys are only on one night a year, whereas the local Ralph's is open 365 days a year. However, the grocery store has iced coffees, whereas the Emmys has Josh Groban making a fool of himself. So how did Molls end up spending her Sunday night? Find out in tonight's riveting installment of Defamer To Do's!· Alex and Sam at the Tangier. · Festival of California Poets at the Hammer Museum. · Human Giant presents Crash Test at UCB.

When 'Douchebag' Dane Cook Yelled At Molly McAleer

Kyle Buchanan · 09/19/08 06:00PM

Like Diablo Cody before her, Molly McAleer is not afraid to call someone out for being bad (just ask Shenae Grimes). Today's object of her disaffection is comedian Dane Cook, with whom Molls has a long, personal history that dates back to her college days as a sketch comic. Watch as our Ms. McAleer relates the time Cook screwed her out of her big break, then yelled at her for being friendly to his incontinent dog. All that, plus your weekend to-dos, after the jump:FRIDAY · The Bangles at the LA County Fair · Samantha Ronson at the Roxy · Red Scare on Sunset at the Attic Theater SATURDAY · Beck at the Hollywood Bowl · Gladys Knight at the Greek Theater · Dirtiest Sketch in LA at UCB SUNDAY · Hot Chip at the Wiltern · Goldfrapp at the Orpheum · My Morning Jacket at the Greek Theater

Molly McAleer's Handy Three-Step Guide to Fixing 'Weeds'

STV · 09/18/08 04:55PM

Weeds' season concluded this week with more than a few disappointed viewers attempting to sort out what's gone wrong with their beloved Nancy Botwin and Co. A born storyteller herself, Molls knows a thing or two about plot, character, drama and the artistry that ties them all together. After the jump — and at no extra charge (except to us) — enjoy the McAleer Master Class in Weeds Restoration™. SPOILER ALERT: It includes your Thursday to-dos! We told you she's an artist.· Tokyo Police Club at the Henry Fonda Theater · Danica McKeller at Barnes and Noble · Speed Dating at Les Deux

Check Yourself, Shenae Grimes

Mark Graham · 09/17/08 05:55PM

Before the first show of the 90210 reboot even aired, Intrepid Defamer Videographer™ Molly McAleer went on record giving her full support to series star Shenae Grimes (aka, Brenda 2.0). But news that Shenae is beginning to transform into Shannen Doherty 2.0 has got this long time Degrassi fan worried. In tonight's installment of To Dos, Molls confesses to being concerned that Shenae's already letting the show's early success go to her head.· Cat Power at the Hollywood Bowl. · Janet Jackson at the Staples Center. · Jon Lovitz at the Laugh Factory.

Sarah Silverman, Hero To Scorned Women Everywhere

Mark Graham · 09/16/08 06:40PM

As most of you know by now, Sarah Silverman took home a Creative Arts Emmy on Saturday night for fucking Matt Damon. But rather than rattle off a traditionally dull acceptance speech, she used the opportunity to put the screws to her ex, Jimmy Kimmel, by thanking "the person for who this video was made, who broke my heart, oops ... who... will always have a place in my heart." Not only was she rewarded for her creative ingenuity, but her speech also had the (unintended?) effect of inspiring scores of women everywhere, including our very own videographer, Molly McAleer. Her thoughts on Silverman's speech and this evening's To Do's appear, as always, after the jump.· The Fratellis at The Wiltern. · Billy Idol at the House of Blues. · John LaJoie at Largo. · David Fuller at Vroman's Bookstore. · The M.O.B. at Molly Malone's.

Molls and Co. Reveal What Women's Magazine's Are Lying About

STV · 09/12/08 07:20PM

Her debauched "Thirsty Thursday" exploits behind her, Molls decided to go ahead and class it up a bit for another festive Friday in Koreatown. Enter Alexis Hyde, whose status as a party partner-in-crime defers only to her magic with a makeup brush; together, along with three shades of eye shadow and your weekend To-Dos, they bring unprecedented red carpet glam to the McAleer household and Defamer in general. Koreatown, you're on alert. The rest of you, read on for Plans B, C and so forth.FRIDAY · The Friday Forty at IO West · Brian Wilson at the Hollywood Bowl · Slideshow at The Fake SATURDAY · Phantom Planet at the Fonda · Hollywood Men at the Highlands · LA BBQ Festival at Santa Monica Beach SUNDAY · The Concert for Hope at the Gibson Amphitheater · Common and N.E.R.D. at the Wiltern · Lindsey Buckingham at UCLA

Back to School, with Art Fag Molly McAleer

STV · 09/11/08 07:15PM

The return of millions of American kids to school over the last week has left us more than a little nostalgic for our own youth, particularly those great "Thirsty Thursday" parties that left our dorm rooms a weekend-greasing whirlwind of empty 40 bottles and other people's lost belongings. Today, join Molls and Ed for a visit back to those halcyon years when the beer was cold, anything was possible, and education was the last thing on any of our minds. It's almost enough to make us forget there are actually other things to do in this town; for your convenience, some of those are after the jump, too.· Tricky at the House of Blues · Jenny Lewis at Spaceland · Bouncers at the Lost Studio Theater · The Offering Table at the Pacific Asia Museum

Don't Fret, We've Got All Sides of the '90210' Spectrum Covered For You

Mark Graham · 09/10/08 08:15PM

Nothing shows your age like working with people significantly younger than you are. While I spent most of last night staying up wondering who knocked up Kelly Taylor, Molls and her friend Alexis were trying to determine why the show's resident blogger, Silver, was spending her nights living in a battered women's shelter. Whether or not you find yourself drawn to the original cast members or the newbies, tonight's To Do's are bound to delight. Enjoy!

Molls Puts On Her Thinking Cap, Intervenes In Dire 'Harry Potter' Crisis

Mark Graham · 09/09/08 05:55PM

While we have all read our fair share of scathing hate mail over the years, the sheer vitriol and unhinged nature of some of the pissed-off Harry Potter fans really resonated with us this morning. So much so that we gave our very own Molly McAleer the very difficult assignment of laying out a 5-Point Plan on how to best reduce the seething anger of the Harry Potter nation. Fortunately for not only our nation but our world, we think she succeeded. Watch tonight's To Do video and spread the word, people. It may be our only hope.· Mogwai @ The Wiltern. · A Bronx Tale @ the Wadsworth Theater. · Trippin On Tuesday @ The Comedy Store.

Hey Christina Aguilera, How You Gonna Play Us Like That?

Mark Graham · 09/08/08 05:35PM

It's pretty much been an all-VMA recap kind of day here at Defamer HQ. Not only have we caught you up on our red carpet conversations with Brooke Hogan, Robert Pattinson and Brett Ratner, but we've also given you nearly 24 hours to digest all the goings-on from last night's event. All of which leads us into tonight's installment of Defamer To Do's, where Molls deconstructs some of the evening's high points (namely, T.I.'s LACMA worthy performance) and head-scratchers (why why WHY did X-Tina choose to lip sync?). Enjoy!· Rob Giles at Molly Malones. · Warner Drive at the Key Club. · The Art of War at the Norton Simon Museum. · Jedi Training at Disneyland.

Indecent Exposure Almost Always Begets A Good Footrace

Mark Graham · 09/05/08 06:40PM

Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss Molly's friend Ed peeing in a bush outside of the Cha Cha. We are by no means endorsing the act of public urination, mind you; as everyone knows, the only time that public urination gets the Defamer stamp of approval is when an outdoor pre-party is somehow involved (tailgating, concerts, long lines at the Tar Pits, etc.). Even in instances like this, we'd really prefer if it you just took the extra five minutes to hit the Port-A-Potty or a public bathroom, but sometimes you just gotta go. Wait a second, how exactly did we get off on this truly disgusting tangent? Oh yes, we were getting ready to talk about this evening's To Do's which, fortunately, are only tangentially related to the topic we were discussing above. So ignore what we just said, but be sure to watch the video to find out what's going on in Los Angeles over the next three days. Have a great weekend!FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 5 · LA County Fair at the LA County Fair Grounds. · Estelle at the Key Club. · 2001: A Space Oddessy at the Arclight. SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 6 · Nine Inch Nails at the Forum. · What's This Life For? at UCB. · The Maize Project at the Torrance Art Museum. SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 8 · MTV Video Music Awards! We'll be liveblogging here beginning around 3pm PST. · The Fly at the LA Opera. · Oh Baby! Screening at the Renberg Theater. · Death Vessel at Spaceland.

Ring The Alarm, It's Beyonce's Birthday

Mark Graham · 09/04/08 07:05PM

Anyone who's been watching Molly McAleer's nightly To Do videos during the last few months knows that her soundtrack for the summer has been Girl Talk's Feed The Animals. At least, that's what we thought. Turns out she's been riding around town all summer pumping an entirely different jam, Beyonce's "Get Me Bodied." So what if the song is two years old this week, it's Beyonce's birthday. Join Molls as she leads you through the best things to do in LA tonight (and watch as she and Edward cut loose in what looks to be a Circle-K parking lot). Enjoy!· Alice Cooper @ The Wiltern. · Billy Bob Thornton and David Allen Coe @ Crash Mansion. · 9 to 5: The Musical @ the Ahmanson Theater.

Molls Could Never Be Your Woman

Mark Graham · 09/03/08 05:05PM

Despite what you read in the fishwraps, working from home for a gossip blog doesn't mean that you get to live like a slob. Quite the opposite, in fact, if you ask Defamer's resident glamourpuss/videographer Molly McAleer. As she attests in tonight's installment of Defamer To Do's, living in today's ultra-competitive world means that you have got to stay on point if you want to remain on top. Yes, that means wearing makeup and stunning dresses at all times — even when you're scrubbing toilets — so you can be ready to jet off at a moment's notice. If you spend the next few minutes with Molly, you'll not only learn what's going on in LA tonight, but you'll also be able to empathize with what it means to be a woman in what undoubtedly is a man's, man's world. Enjoy...· Bob Dylan @ Santa Monica Civic Center. · Three 6 Mafia @ House Of Blues. · Maude Night @ UCB.

Who's Your Favorite New Kid?

Mark Graham · 09/02/08 06:55PM

Not only does the brand new 90210 make its debut tonight, but today marks the release of "The Block", the first proper LP that New Kids On The Block have put out since 1994's abysmal "Face The Music." And while the group is no longer new (and they're certainly not kids), that doesn't abate Molly McAleer's passion for the NKOTB in the slightest. Find out which of the New Kids was our resident chowd's fave (hint: it's not the same as Diablo Cody's) and what's going on in Los Angeles tonight after the jump.· Ultraviolet Sound at The Viper Room. · "How to Get a Book Published" networking event at Blankspaces. · Paul Weller at The Wiltern. · People of the 20th Century at The Getty.

David Duchovny Ain't The Only One Who Loves Some In-N-Out

Kyle Buchanan · 08/29/08 02:49PM

Quick: name a beloved Southern California staple whose very name inspires cravings in even the heartiest of men! Yes, fine, we'll accept "Molly McAleer," but what we were really soliciting was "In-N-Out," the fast food franchise known for its delicious hamburgers and industrial-strength milkshakes. In this installment of your weekend To-Do's, Molls and life partner Edward hit up the local "In-N-Hang-Out" to fill you in on the hottest happenings this Labor Day weekend in Los Angeles. Tear apart a ketchup packet and join them after the jump, won't you?FRIDAY · Friday's Off the 405 at the Getty. · Melissa Etheridge at the Greek. · Hot Water Music at the El Rey. SATURDAY · Fuck Yeah! Fest at the Echo. · Tom Waits Bus Tour at Kind Edwards Saloon. · The Tomorrow Show at the Steve Allen Theater. SUNDAY · Steel Pulse at the House of Blues. · Jack Johnson at UCLA. · Kevin Nealon at the Ice House.

Why 'Degrassi' Fans Should Be Totally Pumped For '90210'

Mark Graham · 08/28/08 04:40PM

Let's face it. The Fall 2008 freshmen crop of television shows is the most devoid of buzz since, well, Fall 2007. While we would love to try and manufacture some excitement about shows like Kath & Kim and Life On Mars, the fact of the matter is that scripted television is still working to recover from the hangover of last year's writers strike. And while we're keeping our fingers crossed that True Blood doesn't turn out to be a total suckfest (pun sorta intended), there is one new(ish) show that has Defamer HQ nine kinds of excited. Tuesday night's premiere of 90210 not only promises blowjobs and Lucille Bluth, but there's another reason why our own Molly McAleer is breathless with anticipation for the show's debut. She'll tell you all about it and give you this evening's To Do's (please ignore the erroneous title card) after the jump!· Human Giant at Largo. · Swingers at the Arclight (Sherman Oaks). · Joshua Radin at the House of Blues.

Remind Us Again, What Is It They Say About Teaching Dogs Tricks?

Mark Graham · 08/27/08 06:30PM

Of all of the recurring cast of characters that populate Molly McAleer's nightly To Do videos, the most beloved figure is probably Molls' dog, Wagandstuff. In this evening's installment, we learn a little bit about what makes this dog jump for joy (quite literally, in fact). Get to the bottom of this mystery and find out what's going on in Los Angeles tonight after the jump. Enjoy!· Club Moscow at Boardner's. · Roommating: The Sex Tape at UCB. · Women's Book Group at Barnes and Noble.