Accused Child Molesters Heart Huckabee

Adam Weinstein · 06/11/15 01:24PM

Duggars be damned: It turns out presidential Easter ham Mike Huckabee has another alleged child molester in his coterie. A prolific co-author of Huck’s and other Christian moralists’ books left his church and escaped prosecution when the statute of limitations ran out on his alleged sexual assaults of a young girl.

Quiverfull of Shit: a Guide to the Duggars' Scary Brand of Christianity

Jennifer C. Martin · 05/25/15 08:00AM

Before this week, when reality star and conservative political activist Joshua Duggar admitted to molesting several underage girls, including his own sisters, what most people knew about the Duggar family could be counted on two fingers: They have 19—19!—kids, and they’re extremely religious Christians.

Court Acquits Molesters Because Their Victim Was Asleep

Lauri Apple · 10/22/11 01:28PM

A Swedish court just acquitted two men who pulled down an 18-year-old woman's shirt while she was passed out from too much drink and, without her knowledge, photographed her bare breasts. Apparently this photo, which shows the men celebrating their conquest, was pretty much irrelevant, because photographing naked people without their knowledge or consent is still totally legal in Sweden, The Local reports.

Catholic Church Blames Hippies, Not Celibacy, for All That Kid-Molesting

Hamilton Nolan · 05/18/11 09:45AM

A lengthy, in-depth report on the child sexual abuse scandals of the Catholic Church—a report paid for primarily by the Catholic Church—has found that it wasn't the whole "celibate, sexually frustrated men in close proximity to vulnerable children" thing that caused all the molestation. It was hippies.

Kara DioGuardi Says She Was Molested

Seth Abramovitch · 04/19/11 03:02AM

In her new memoir, A Helluva High Note, former American Idol judge Kara DioGuardi revealed that she was repeatedly molested at age 11 by a family friend in his late teens. She also mentions a date rape by a famous music producer. Memoirs: They're a helluva way to air out your closet.