Rabid Bat's Oblivious Victim Roams Mojave Desert

Ken Layne · 05/03/13 07:42AM

A man attacked by a rabid bat in the Mojave National Preserve will probably die if not found and treated by health officials. Eyewitnesses say the bat landed on the mystery man's neck outside the desert park's book store at the Kelso Depot between Las Vegas and Los Angeles. The man wandered off, oblivious, and the bat fell dead from rabies.

Does Windows Vista by another name smell as bad?

Jackson West · 07/30/08 04:20PM

Microsoft has finally released the videos from the company's "Mojave Experiment," where it convinced focus-group attendees who had heard bad things about Vista that they were trying a new and better operating system called Mojave — which was ultimately revealed to be Vista all along. Feel-good marketing triumph or sign of desperation? Considering the company had to pull this stunt at all, I'm going with the latter. []