Rupert Murdoch Has Left the Building

John Cook · 07/19/11 04:01PM

What the fuck does Rupert Murdoch do all day? To judge by his baffling performance before a British parliamentary committee investigating him for phone hacking, little more than gossip on the phone with whatever old-timer is willing to indulge him while his son James and wife Wendi battle for control of News Corporation.

Let Mark Zuckerberg Take You On a Romantic Woodland Stroll

Adrian Chen · 07/07/11 10:19AM

The hiring practices of Silicon Valley tech companies are famously rigorous, but Facebook must be the only one to test physical strength. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg takes high-profile prospective hires for a hike behind the company's Palo Alto headquarters.

Justin Timberlake Plans to Bring the SexyBack to MySpace

Seth Abramovitch · 06/30/11 12:31AM

So shadowy digital repo concern Specific Media took MySpace off News Corp.'s hands for the joke sum of 35 million dollars. Thirty-five million dollars isn't cool. You know what's cool? Thirty-five billion dollars. And how do you make that much money? By getting Justin Timberlake to align his triple-platinum swag with your cobweb-strewn social networking relic.

The Implosion of the Huffington Post-AOL Merger

Ryan Tate · 06/07/11 02:28PM

Arianna Huffington was controversial back when she only oversaw 70 or so employees. Now that she's riding herd over 1,300 AOL journalists, the Huffington Post founder faces an army of disgruntled enemies. And they're leaking to the press.

Mark Zuckerberg Is Now Killing Animals with His Bare Hands

Ryan Tate · 05/26/11 06:13PM

Mark Zuckerberg has begun personally slaying animals for food, part of a resolution to fully appreciate the meat he eats. The Facebook CEO's slaughter has been wide ranging, claiming a goat, pig, chicken and a lobster.

Mini Moguls Fight Over Control of a Twitter Account

Adrian Chen · 05/17/11 12:21PM

It's the most adorable tech lawsuit ever! The family of the teenage founder of a popular Twitter account is suing his business partner for squeezing him out. Kids these days.

Mort Zuckerman vs. the Daily News: An Owner Adrift

Hamilton Nolan · 04/25/11 03:40PM

Last July, New York Daily News editor Martin Dunn abruptly left the paper due to his wife's illness. Kevin Convey, who'd been working as editor of the Boston Herald, was named his replacement. But now, we hear, unsatisfied NYDN owner Mort Zuckerman may already be poking around for Convey's successor.

Meet The Six Certified Facebook Billionaires

Adrian Chen · 03/10/11 01:44AM

Alright: the latest Forbes' billionaire list is out. Now we can all get out our Sharpies and draw circles around which billionaires we're gonna date this year. Kidding: billionaires only date other billionaires and underwear models.

Working For the Weinstein Brothers Is Still a Perverse, Ceaseless Nightmare

John Cook · 03/03/11 05:45PM

Two filmmakers have sued Harvey and Bob Weinstein's studio for more than $114 million, claiming that the Weinsteins ruined five animated film projects with their "indecisiveness and general incompetence." They would have filed the lawsuit earlier, they say, but the Weinsteins paid them $500,000 in quasi-hush money to delay it until after the Oscars so as not to sully their campaign for The King's Speech. Hollywood works in strange ways.

Mark Zuckerberg Is Now a Comic Book Hero

Adrian Chen · 02/23/11 06:58PM

Canadian publisher Bluewater Productions has just published a 48-page comic book which tells the true origin story of Mark Zuckerberg. The center panel here depicts the time Zuckerberg was held up at gunpoint in 2005 while driving from Palo Alto to Berkeley. Of course, we all know what happened after that brush with danger: Zuckerberg built a bulletproof robotic exoskeleton in his basement and swore to devote his life to fighting crime. (Click to Enlarge)

Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg Wined and Dined by Obama

Adrian Chen · 02/18/11 11:17AM

Steve Jobs, rumored to be dying of cancer, was healthy enough to sit beside Obama at a dinner for tech moguls in San Francisco last night. Also in attendance: Mark Zuckerberg, who was pried out of his hoodie for the occasion, Google CEO Eric Schmidt, Yahoo! chief Carol Bartz and Twitter CEO Dick Costolo.