Jeff Bezos Is a Brilliant Cheap Prick

Hamilton Nolan · 10/10/13 11:04AM

There's little doubt that Amazon is the future of retailing. Its CEO, Jeff Bezos, is one of the most admired and scrutinized businessmen in the world. How did he build the company into what it is today? By being a penny-pinching ballbuster.

A Better Proposal for the Future of News Corp

Hamilton Nolan · 06/29/12 10:10AM

This week, News Corp announced that it would spin off its publishing division, thereby sequestering the moldy old newspapers and other not-so-good-but-romantic businesses in their own little quarantine area, while the moneymaking TV and entertainment properties shed the dead weight and continued to print money. It's a common-sense move that News Corp executives not named "Rupert Murdoch" have been advocating for for years. But with all due respect to the mean old man, he's organizing this thing all wrong.

Graydon Carter Will Oversee the Design of the New Beatrice Inn · 12/07/11 11:40AM

Last week Grub Street noticed that Graydon Carter, the Vanity Fair editor with a knack for reviving classic New York restaurants, was on the liquor license application for the new restaurant going into the former Beatrice Inn space. His wife Anna Carter confirmed his involvement to Eater this week, and yesterday the Beatrice's principal owner Emil Varda got on the line to share the details.

Facebook's CEO Is Way Into His Human Girlfriend

Ryan Tate · 11/07/11 07:29PM

Mark Zuckerberg was once so obsessed with programming his girlfriend demanded a written contract guaranteeing alone time. But the Facebook CEO and ranking Borg commander on Planet Earth has, apparently, softened, telling Charlie Rose he spends long stretches with his girl, his dog, and their massive, empty mansion.

Ryan Seacrest's First Movie Will Destroy the American Entertainment Industry

Brian Moylan · 11/03/11 12:35PM

Ryan Seacrest, who hangs over Hollywood and infests everything in it like a cloud of smog carrying Anthrax, made his first deal to produce a movie. If this is anything like his TV producing enterprises, which brought us the Ugg-booted Yeti that is the Kardashians, we're all doomed.

Meet the Newest Young Couple in Tech's Billionaire Boys Club

Ryan Tate · 09/19/11 05:25PM

Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan get all the press, but they're hardly Silicon Valley's only pair with ten figures between them. Dropbox's twentysomething CEO Drew Houston just became a billionaire — and we hear he didn't reach that milestone alone.

Arianna Huffington Rival: 'Shut Up and Go Back To Your Room'

Ryan Tate · 09/15/11 03:15PM

Leave it to seasoned mogul Barry Diller to have the smartest take on the cashiering of TechCrunch founder Mike Arrington: AOL "destroyed" TechCrunch's voice, the IAC chairman said, and editorial director Arianna Huffington should have been told to "shut up and go back to your room" when she raised concerns about Arrington's ethics.

Zagat Guide Is Now Run By Google's Cupcake Maniac

Ryan Tate · 09/08/11 12:15PM

Restaurateurs, meet your new overlord, Marissa Mayer. The Google honcho, fashionista and foodie just announced that the search giant has acquired the Zagat Guides, giving diners everywhere hope for reviews that suck slightly less than those on Yelp.

Could Arianna Huffington End Up Running AOL?

Ryan Tate · 08/19/11 11:53AM

AOL chief Tim Armstrong could certainly be forgiven for handing off control of the company. The problems at AOL were largely his creation, and recently growth largely that of his lieutenant Arianna Huffington. Pressure from the press is mounting. And, we hear, he has political ambitions.

George Soros Made His Gal Pal Sit at the Kids' Table

Lauri Apple · 08/13/11 03:21PM

A "friend" of George Soros says the 81-year-old Hungarian mogul used to make his Brazilian ex-girlfriend Adriana Ferreyr sit at the children's table during his Sunday brunches in the Hamptons—ostensibly because she's 28, which is very young.