Paul Dano to Star in Most Indie Movie Ever

Adrian Chen · 01/18/10 02:01AM

Paul Dano got his start in the super indie film "L.I.E." Then he did bigger things like "Little Miss Sunshine" and "There Will Be Blood." Now he returns to his indie roots with what sounds like the indiest indie ever.

How YouTube's sucking up to Modest Mouse (and other giants of media)

Jackson West · 05/14/08 03:20PM

An eagle-eyed Valleywag tipster with a taste for Modest Mouse spotted an interesting new feature on YouTube. Uploads of music videos from the band by non-official sources now carry a link reading "Contains content from Sony BMG," which leads users to the official Modest Mouse page on the site. The unofficial version of the video "Float On" has over a million views — the official version only 235,000. Also, both the official and unofficial versions have had the embed codes which allow users to post the video on third-party sites removed. My question? Whether this is automated by YouTube or if Sony BMG is flagging their videos by hand.