Rupert Murdoch Gave Tony Blair $100,000, Then Blair Fucked His Wife

Eli Clifton · 02/27/14 01:00PM

Last week, we learned that former British prime minister Tony Blair emailed called disgraced News Corp. executive Rebekah Brooks in 2011 to offer his "unofficial" consulting services as she faced arrest over the company's metastasizing phone hacking scandal. And last year, we learned that Blair had also been allegedly fucking Murdoch's then-wife Wendi Deng in a bizarre love triangle. Today, we learned that, according to tax documents Gawker has obtained, Murdoch's News Corp. was paying Blair's private foundation while all this incestuous, wheels-within-wheels melodrama was going on.

Husband Kicked Out by Wife After Leaving Stupid Comment on Website

Neetzan Zimmerman · 11/01/13 08:41AM

If you're going to leave a lascivious comment underneath a gallery of glamour model lingerie pics informing the world that you're willing to leave your loving family for just "one night" with the gallery's subject, make sure your comments aren't linked to your Facebook account.

Guy Offers to Let Girl Keep His Stolen Phone In Exchange for a Date

Neetzan Zimmerman · 10/25/13 09:05AM

It's a story as old as time: Boy has smartphone stolen from his pants; boy finds out thief never disabled the function that automatically sends all the photos taken with the smartphone to a shared Dropbox folder; boy discovers phone is now owned by a young Moroccan woman; boy offers to let young Moroccan woman keep the phone if she agrees to go on a date with him.

Watch a Teenager's Relationship Fall Apart Before Your Very Eyes [NSFW]

Neetzan Zimmerman · 09/10/13 02:59PM

Kids these days with their whozits and their whatzits and their living their lives entirely online to the point where the overabundance of personal and private information made public becomes an impediment to communication and the forming of real, honest, and long-lasting relationships.

‘Nate Was Vindication of Everything’: A Q&A with Writer Adelle Waldman

Maggie Lange · 07/10/13 12:34PM

Adelle Waldman originally set out to write a response to all the novels about young literary men coming to New York. For her, there always seemed to be a key element missing from the romantic relationships in these books; The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P. and its central character directly addresses the complications of love affairs that are so often glossed over.

Cuba Gooding Jr. Introduced Himself as 'Dick McWilly' at a Party, Told a Lady He'd Had Sex with a Leprechaun

Caity Weaver · 03/06/13 01:52PM

Flirting with strangers is nerve-wracking. You don't want your flirts to come across as boring, but walking the tightrope between "intriguing" and "crazy" can be perilous. Even seasoned pros occasionally skew toward the latter. Take Cuba Gooding, Jr., for example. On Monday, he told a lady at a party that his name was Dick McWilly AND that he'd just gotten out of jail AND that he'd had sex with a leprechaun.