Mark Zuckerberg Is a Homewrecker

Ryan Tate · 11/03/11 02:25PM

Silicon Valley warps the mind. In the real world, your health, family, and friends are most important. In the Valley, they're what you trade for speed, buzz, and valuation, as illustrated in a heartbreaking scene from the Facebook-Google war.

How To Text Like a Horrible Monster

Ryan Tate · 11/01/11 05:23PM

Would you like to behave like a terrible manipulative teenager into your late 20s? If so, text messaging can very much help, as detailed in the Wall Street Journal today.

An Amazing Kitchen Table from The New York Times

Ryan Tate · 08/31/11 02:50PM

Yes, it's made some awful business decisions, but the New York Times has been savvy when it comes to technology development, maintaining a research lab and corps of programmers who, to take one example, rushed out an app to ensure the Times was on stage at the iPad unveiling. Now the company's hackers want to reinvent how you eat breakfast.

Pay a Serial Killer to Murder Your Books

Ryan Tate · 08/18/11 04:27PM

It's hot in Japan, and finally coming to the U.S.: For $2 or $3 per title, you can have your book collection lovingly scanned, emailed, and ground into dust. You don't even have to dispose of the corpse. Progress!

Even the Amish Are Sending Lewd Sexts

Brian Moylan · 06/21/11 11:52AM

A 21-year-old Amish man was arrested in Connersville, Indiana, for arranging a sexual encounter with a 12-year-old via text message. William Yoder is accused of sending hundreds of dirty texts to a young girl, including pictures of his penis and "lewd videos."

Technology May Be Destroying Your Life

Remy Stern · 05/08/11 10:15AM

Technology is a wonderful thing giving us almost instant access to the world's information. It makes our life easier, and enables us to stay in touch with distant friends and family. But it's not all great. From big stuff like cancer to small stuff like being distracted texting, technology is killing us slowly every day.