Watch David Letterman and Sofia Vergara Attempt to Communicate

Matt Cherette · 09/23/11 02:57AM

Modern Family star Sofia Vergara stopped by the Late Show on Thursday to gloat to David Letterman about her show's big night at the Emmys. And while I suspect any conversation between Letterman and Vergara would be entertaining, this one was made even better by the fact that they kept confusing each other throughout it.

Tina Brown's Cleavage and Other Terrifying Tales of Media Machinations

John Cook · 05/06/11 02:51PM

In your hijacked Friday media column: Tina Brown has breasts and used to do it, sexually speaking, to Martin Amis; the Washington Post Co. falls from the profit curve; Robin Roberts may or may not be too tall for morning television, and Howard Kurtz once again acquits himself with the dignity and effortless charisma we've come to expect from him.

There's Nothing Worse Than Falling in Love with a Crappy Sitcom

Brian Moylan · 04/14/11 11:32AM

Last night I made the mistake of watching Modern Family in real time. The problem wasn't that I couldn't fast forward through the commercials (though it did suck) but that I got sucked into not one, but two episodes of the new sitcom Happy Endings that followed it. Even worse, I actually liked it.