Beauty, Eye, Beholder

Brian Moylan · 09/29/10 06:30PM

[A model turns herself into a cyclops while getting ready for the Anne Valerie Hash show during Paris Fashion Week today. Is there ever a time when there is not a fashion week happening? Image via AP]

An Inside Account of the Shady Side of Modeling

Jeff Neumann · 09/16/10 03:24PM

A five-year project filming the lives of model Sara Ziff and her friends is now a documentary called Picture Me, which premieres after the close of New York Fashion Week tomorrow. We spoke with one of the models, Sena Cech.

Fashion's New Favorite 'Flaw': Gap Teeth

Max Read · 09/09/10 03:01AM

Do you have a gap between your two front teeth? Don't be ashamed! In fact, you should run quickly to your nearest modeling agency! That's right: Gap teeth are totally fashionable, right now.

Fiercely Real Runway Walk Manages to Freak Even Tyra Out

Jessica Poolt · 03/04/10 05:32PM

Today's episode focused on Tyra's "fiercely real" teen model search featuring girls sizes 12 and up. Tyra was in for a surprise when one of her contestants got a little freaky with her signature walk.