Bill Cosby Asked an Agency to Supply Him With Broke, Out-of-Town Models

Jay Hathaway · 07/24/15 08:00AM

Bill Cosby’s deposition in a 2005 sexual assault lawsuit against him, recently unsealed over Cosby’s objections, reveals the comedian made arrangements with a New York modeling agency back in the ‘80s to set up dinners in his dressing room with young, struggling models from outside New York. At least one of the women who dined with Cosby later accused him of pressuring her into sex.

Fleshlight Model Tours Factory, Meets Thousands of Copies of Her Vagina

Jay Hathaway · 01/21/15 01:00PM

The Czech model whose vagina is the basis for the popular Fleshlight sex toy paid a visit to a factory in Seville, Spain, to observe the process of turning part of her body into a mass-produced plastic tube that men around the world use to masturbate.

Aleksander Chan · 09/19/14 06:00PM

Model David Gandy poses with cardboard cutouts of himself wearing underwear from his new collection in London, Thursday. [Photo by Jonathan Short/Invision via AP]

"Weeeeee!" Sings Alleged Coke Bag as It Soars Out of Model's Purse

Caity Weaver · 05/06/13 11:10AM

It's impossible to know for sure exactly what white substance burst forth from supermodel Cara Delevingne's pocketbook on Saturday, as she merrily searched for her keys in front of her London home. Perhaps it was a baggie of bone ash, to make a glaze for tiny ceramics. Perhaps it was a pinch of anthrax, to poison her littlest enemies. Perhaps it was 1 gram of flour, to bake a cake for a fairy queen.

No One Can Stop Earth's Insatiable Hunger for Meat and Tissues Now

Adam Weinstein · 04/05/13 10:57AM

The human race: We're reportedly eating more meat than ever, thanks to exploding populations in Brazil and China. You know what else we're nomming on these days? Kleenex, bitches! The recently ousted editor of Vogue Australia has penned a memoir that's intended as a fashion-industry tell-all, but sounds like it's chock full of pointers for aspiring eating-disorder-sufferers. She recently shared her top horror-story-that-sounds-ominously-like-a-dieting-tip with Entertainment Tonight:

How to Sneak Backstage at a Fashion Week Show

Adrian Chen · 02/13/12 06:04PM

Not many people want to go to fashion shows, but even fewer end up getting invited. Thus, the art of sneaking into shows at New York Fashion Week is perennially well-documented, to the point that one suspects bloggers are paid to sneak into fashion shows to give a fashionable air of danger to the whole enterprise. So let's go further, shall we? Let's go backstage.