Mitt Romney and the GOP's Treason Whack-a-Mole

Mobutu Sese Seko · 05/09/12 03:10PM

Even for conservatives, the Mitt Romney campaign provides a meeting point between high finance and low expectations. Now that the GOP nomination is all but officially wrapped up, Mitt is free to shake the Etch-a-Sketch, tack to the center and betray the perfectly reasonable people who wear felt hats, stockings and breeches to point out the villainy of, say, Head Start.

Mitt Romney's Case Against a Mitt Romney Presidency

Mobutu Sese Seko · 05/03/12 12:30PM

It's about as easy to lose track of Mitt Romney's political gaffes as it is to lose track of the number of drinks you've had during a beer pong tournament. Their pace is relentless, both are sort of shamefully satisfying, and ultimately they make your head hurt.

Winning the War Against Yesterday: Mike O'Hanlon's Afghan Mad Libs

Mobutu Sese Seko · 04/20/12 12:15PM

Eight days ago, the Wall Street Journal published another column promising a "stable Afghanistan" from the Brookings Institution's Michael O'Hanlon. It might as well have been assembled by playing Powerball. O'Hanlon cranks the hopper, opens the little cage and out comes another bromide: "Closer"! "Accomplishing"! "Goals"! "Exit Strategy"!

Romney and Bibi: Middle East Policy By Two Best Buds Walkie-Talkiing After Bedtime

Mobutu Sese Seko · 04/17/12 02:38PM

Two Sundays ago, the New York Times ran an article about Mitt Romney and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The two have known each other for about 35 years. They went through Boston Consulting Group's "boot camp" together. They "can almost speak in shorthand." They finish each other's sentences and once accidentally ate from opposite ends of the same long strand of spaghetti. Their lives are an endless geopolitical meet-cute: Romney wants to run the nuclear big-box store of the United States, but he has enough love in his heart that he'd never crush the beautiful Middle Eastern shop around the corner.

The Dog Whistle Has Sounded: How the Right Talks About 'Thugs' Like Trayvon Martin

Mobutu Sese Seko · 04/05/12 11:57AM

On Sunday, Bill Kristol, chronically incorrect steward of his daddy's magazine movement, dismissed liberals' and black activists' outraged response to the Trayvon Martin killing as "just demagoguery... mostly on the side of those who want to indict the whole society for this death." The following day, Rush Limbaugh said the response was "doing more harm to the black community than anything else." How blessed the black community must feel to have their best interests overseen by the living embodiment of everything wrong with white people.

Andrew Breitbart: Big Deal, Big Coronary, Big Corpse

mobutu & Gen. Ze'evi · 03/06/12 03:50PM

Provocateur, website founder and collector of America's largest wads of spittle Andrew Breitbart died last Thursday morning, when some sentient shred of his cardiac organ kamikazed out of an exhausted sense of justice.