Mafia Murder Case Blows Up In D.A.'s Face; Mob Mistress A Liar!

Choire · 10/31/07 03:35PM

Village Voice reporter Tom Robbins was subpoenaed yesterday over 10-year-old reporting that he brought to light that impacts the prosecution of former FBI agent R. Lindley DeVecchio—in his story, mob mistress Linda Schiro contradicted her already-given testimony. With their star witness in a shambles, now the entire case has gone south—after reviewing the tapes, the Brooklyn D.A. decided they'd rather spend their time pursuing perjury charges. Schiro was the lover of Greg "the Grim Reaper" Scarpa; she has given conflicting information about Scarpa's involvement in three mob murders.

Mob in Philly Acts on Unspoken Desires of America at Large

abalk2 · 07/11/06 11:13AM

Philadelphia Will Do directs us to this video of crusading journalist Geraldo Rivera visiting the City of Brotherly Love to investigate a plot to whack him. It's pretty much what you'd expect (i.e., a lot of Italian guys with whiny voices yelling, "Hey, get outta my face") but what struck us when watching was this: Why do we need the Philly mob to put a hit on Geraldo? We're New York Fuckin' City, our mob can kick your mob's ass. This sixth borough shit is getting out of control.