SNL Weekend Update Thursday Mocks Fox & Friends and Mitt Romney

Taylor Berman · 09/20/12 11:48PM

Rough day for idiotic morning show, Fox & Friends. Just hours after Gretchen Carlson and company were confused by a three-year old picture of Obama with a pirate, Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update Thursday tore into the show, mocking both its blatant Romney favoritism and its issues with accuracy. In the skit, the "hosts" defend Mitt Romney, played by Jason Sudeikis, as he stumbles through a series of hidden camera blunders. Then, at the end, fake Gretchen Carlson, played by Vanessa Bayer, said there were "one or two corrections from the first two hours of the show." Those corrections, in convenient GIF form:

Stephen Colbert Deconstructs Romney's Southern Strategy

Matt Toder · 03/12/12 11:02PM

Too bad it is little more than saying "y'all" and mentioning eating grits for breakfast. As a proud Southern gentlemen, Stephen Colbert finds this about as hard to abide as anything else in Romney's campaign.

Twitter Has Some Suggestions For Mitt Romney's New Secret Service Code Name

Nell Jensen · 02/01/12 12:00AM

Well isn't Mitt Romney just a lucky boy tonight: his campaign told ABC News that he will begin receiving Secret Service protection this week "because of the increase in crowd sizes" at his campaign events. Presumably this calculus was made before Mitt Romney decided he would start erupting into song during his stump speech? Anyhow, Twitter is absolutely piddling itself with excitement trying to come up with code names that the Secret Service might consider using for Mitt Romney. Here are a few of 'em in no particular order:

Let's Set Some Ludicrous Expectations for Mitt Romney Tonight

Jim Newell · 01/10/12 03:20PM

Mitt Romney is going to win the New Hampshire primary tonight — but is he going to WIN it? See, it's no fun for political writers to simply declare a Mitt Romney victory a victory. What are we supposed to write about for the next year, if he just keeps winning every primary? Policy? Yeesh. And so Mitt Romney must contend with the "expectations game," in which folks with a vested interest in not seeing this primary season end sans hyperdrama come up with a random number that Romney must "hit" tonight, lest his campaign collapse entirely.

Mitt Romney Is a 'Twilight' Fangirl

Jim Newell · 05/31/11 11:20AM

Mitt Romney had quite a scandalous revelation to share on this morning's Today show: He does, from time to time, and always while exercising great caution, participate in certain leisurely activities, like watching television and reading novels. Would Mother Mittens approve of this? Let's just say, doubtful.