Mission Impossible 4: Tom Cruise Gets High as Hell

Max Read · 06/28/11 09:01PM

Here's a trailer for Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol ("ghost protocol" is the word for "four" in video game). It looks just like the last Mission: Impossible, so... awesome!

What Would You Do If Tom Cruise Appeared at Your Window?

Max Read · 11/04/10 02:27AM

Poor tourist Daniel Matthew just wanted to photograph the view from the Burj Dubai, the world's tallest building. So it was kind of weird when Tom Cruise appeared. Outside the building. Almost 1500 feet in the air. Want to see?

Mormon Fundamentalism Finally Defeated

Richard Lawson · 10/28/10 04:21PM

After all these years, we've finally done it. Also today: Tom Cruise has taken up with ghosts, Grace's best friend/property gets a new show, a blogger gets a TV show (ugh), and some movie casting.

Shocking Revelation: There Is Another Olsen Sister

Richard Lawson · 09/02/10 01:03PM

It's true. Yoda has looked up to the heavens and declared this true. Also today: up-and-comer Anthony Mackie lands another role, a promising movie stalls out, Tom Cruise gets a sexy sidekick for his next Mission, and Twilight news.

Tom Cruise Gets Rid of the Boys and Finds a Man

Richard Lawson · 08/26/10 02:20PM

He needs someone with experience to give him what he needs. Also today: it looks like we're really going to see Jim Carrey go gay, a new reunion movie is in the works, and an SNL departure.

Tom Cruise's Hot, Young Male Threesome

Richard Lawson · 08/25/10 01:06PM

Yep. He has one right now. Also today: Cruise's wife gets in bed with two people, but only one man, Scream 4 adds some more victims, a Glee rumor appears true, and some sexy nerd ladies arrive at SyFy's doorstep.

No One Wants to Pay Tom Cruise to Be In Movies Anymore

Richard Lawson · 08/05/10 02:38PM

According to Vulture, the fading-to-a-near-invisible-point onetime box office draw will be paid SAG minimum wages to act in Mission Impossible 4: The Fourth Time Around It's Probably Pretty Possible. That's basically the death of clout right there.

Sumner Redstone Apparently Finds Right Price to Forgive 'Good Friend' Tom Cruise

STV · 05/06/08 11:00AM

The Tom Cruise Image Rehabilitation Tour rolls on today with a public pardon from Viacom kingpin Sumner Redstone, who followed his prodigal son's subdued Oprah stint with a reassurance that, you know, all that erratic-behavior outrage from a couple years back? Just kidding! And Mission: Impossible 4? It's "up to Brad Grey." Or, loosely translated, "Are we on number four? Already? Well, I'll be":