The MisShapes™ Book Is Coming Soon!

Choire · 04/04/07 10:58AM

It's real! The MisShapes coffee table book that you simply must own will at last arrive in September. Why, this MTV book is "a document of their unique world," with portraits of "cutting edge" folk, "some from different generations, alongside the youth of down town New York." Who, you ask? Who? Why: "Madonna, Yoko Ono, Michael Stipe, Axl Rose, Kelis, Peaches, Hedi Slimane, Michel Gondry, Nan Goldin, Sienna Miller, Chloe Sevigny" and much more. And "with each subject posed amidst the downtown scene's dense and riotous environment" you'll be sure to feel as if you're really there in the heart of it all, your head swirling in the toilet bowl, your nostrils flushed with some crystalline tropane alkaloid or other. What's more, the Dark DJs That Could are hitting the road in a group tour this summer—make sure you get Coldstared down at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas in June!

MisShapes Just Making It Way Too Easy

Emily Gould · 03/29/07 12:44PM

In this picture: two costume-wearing people with weird nicknames whose every move is calculated to appeal to dumb kids. Also, Tinky Winky and Laa-Laa.

Is This The End Of The MisShapes?

Choire · 03/02/07 04:53PM

Do you feel a lessening in the strength of the dark forces that surround us? That's because The MisShapes, everyone's favorite DJing nightlife militia, are going to sunny California! The armpit that is Costa Mesa, to be specific. And so Princess Coldstare herself will don her blackest sundress and some 1004020 SPF sunblock. It's so like when the Brady Bunch went to Hawaii—a tragic moment of overextending a brand. Except instead of Ann B. Davis picking up some hot local between shoots, in this case some young blonde Republican will just quietly O.D. on ketamine.

Coming Soon on Leigh Lezark

Doree Shafrir · 02/06/07 01:00PM

Setting aside, for the moment, the fact that NYM's personalizable fashion albums are a blatant ripoff of Style.com's Lookbooks, we took careful note of Leigh Lezark's selections from Fashion Week so far. Likes: bow ties, funny hats, minidresses, red ... But we're most intrigued by a look by Alexandre Herchovitch that Princess Coldstare selected as one of her faves. It's got a certain je ne sais quoi that we think will look just lovely behind the Misshapes DJ booth.

Stardolls Photoshop Contest

Emily Gould · 02/06/07 10:40AM

At Stardoll, you can put clothes on Anna Wintour, Ryan Seacrest, P*r*z H*lt*n, and other cultural parasites. If you have rudimentary photoshop skills, we're guessing you can do something more creative than, say, making Laurel Touby's feather boa emerge from the clavicle of the MisShapes Cerberus-beast. Please send us your best efforts. The winner gets whatever's in the gift bag of Malan Breton's runway show.

Media Dollings [Stardoll]

Fashion Week: Misshapes @ Don Hill's

abalk2 · 02/05/07 02:30PM

For the third and final stop on the Saturday night fashion week party circuit, we were posed with the challenge of infiltrating the largely underage hipsterfest otherwise known as Misshapes at Don Hill's. Such an operation seemed daunting at first thought, but we were in so quickly that we couldn't wait to leave. (read: Editorial Assistant Heather spent more time hailing a cab outside than she did in the building itself, leaving Gawker snaparazzo Nikola Tamindzic to fly solo.) Enjoy our Misshapes album and Nikola's longer gallery here.

Team Party Crash: The Last Magazine Party @ Visionaire Gallery

Doree Shafrir · 01/12/07 03:00PM

We've long heard of a fabled downtown Manhattan scene that's at the nexus of art, fashion, and media. This scene, one hears, is filled with impossibly thin people with asymmetrical haircuts and skinny jeans, who all have vague jobs as "stylists" or "designers" (of what, one wonders?), and have an air of trust-fundedness that's even stronger than their Williamsburg counterparts. Last evening, Gawker Associate Editor Doree Shafrir and fill-in photographer Alice Wetterlund stumbled upon said scene at a launch party for The Last Magazine, a big fancy coffee table book that chronicles a whole bunch of independent magazines, at Visionaire Gallery, where they learned that the audience for Blue States Lose is a lot larger than they'd ever suspected. (The evidence, such as it is, can be found here.)

Gawker's Personalities of the Year

Doree Shafrir · 12/29/06 03:40PM

As 2006 huffs toward its inexorable end, we decided to take a moment to recognize those personalities that made our job that much more tolerable this year. These are the people who gave us endless fodder for our douchebag mill, who were attracted to the spotlight like moths to a flame, whose stated disdain for our coverage of them was contradicted by their almost pathetic attempts to court it. The adage that there's no such thing as bad publicity has never felt more apt.

MisShapes: "The Negative Is Often More Appealing To People Than the Positive"

Doree Shafrir · 12/21/06 01:30PM

The Style.com video library just keeps getting better! After chronicling the Tinz and co. on Halloween, they've now moved on to the socialites of the Lower East Side, the MisShapes. They've filmed Geordon and Leigh "Princess Coldstare" Lezark (or Lezard, if you're Vogue) waxing nostalgic about the early days of their empire ("Three years ago we threw this New Year's party. It was kind of a joke—we didn't want to go out") and the legions of partygoers who have paraded in front of the infamous white wall ("People come dressed to the nines. People come in a tank top. To us, there's no difference").

This Month in 'Vogue' Subtext: Leigh Is, Like, Lezarded?

Emily Gould · 12/18/06 11:10AM

At first glance, the one-page profile that dubs MisShapes mascot Leigh Lezark an 'iconoclast' and one of the "best-dressed 2006" reads like your standard slobbering puff piece. Revelations: Lezark likes black and white and "studs on everything." But towards the end of the piece, the same typo keeps cropping up: a misspelling of Lezark's surname that, with the alteration of one letter, changes the word's meaning entirely.

Leigh Lezark: From Sex Advice to Fashion Advice

Doree Shafrir · 12/04/06 02:40PM

MisShape Leigh "Princess Coldstare" Lezark certainly loves doling out her words of wisdom, whether they're of the "should I lick it before we kick it?" variety or not. Witness the above scan from this month's Teen Vogue, where she gives ever-so-thoughtful fashion advice to legions of impressionable young minds. We did note that they didn't actually run a photo of Leigh in the issue, leading us to wonder whether they've actually seen what she wears. We look forward, in any case, to TV's inevitable fawning coverage of the MisShapes fashion line. (N.B.: She goes to Hunter College.)

Kids Meal in 'Vice' Kiddie Porn Quadruplet Shocker

Emily Gould · 12/04/06 09:20AM

Tipsters have been steering our attention to this Vice spread by artist Ben Cho, who describes his subjects as "a group of 16-year-old quadruplets that I know. They were born and raised in Williamsburg, where they go to a private school." Also, about the one on the right, who bears a striking resemblance to MisShapes DJ Jackson "Action Jackson" Pollis:

This Morning In Jackson Pollis Rumors

Emily Gould · 12/01/06 08:40AM

We feel a little bit bad about spreading all of these mean rumors about floppy-haired new MisShape Jackson Pollis — hell, we did some retarded things when we were 17, too! Well, not DJing-retarded, but still. But then we think about the money the 'Shapes are getting from their backpack endorsement deals etc and it makes us want to share with you that:

Team Party Crash: 'Paper' Nightlife Awards @ Show

Chris Mohney · 11/30/06 03:45PM

Hello, this is your still-hungover friend Alex Blagg, of Blue States Lose and Best Week Ever fame. I don't know how your Wednesday night went, but let me tell you about mine. I wandered into some Times Square one-word-noun nightclub called "Show" for the who cares annual Paper Nightlife Awards, ready to have my burning questions about the city's best bars, DJ's, and parties for homosexuals answered — FINALLY. Gawker's Nikola Tamindzic was on photo duty; plunge heedlessly into the sleaze with our gallery of photos, or bounce over to Nikola's plumper version. After the jump, dangerous proximity to MisShapes.

MisShapes 'It Boy' Lying About His Age on his MySpace??!?!?

Emily Gould · 11/30/06 11:00AM

"Part of the reason why I think people may find me interesting is because the age part is very mysterious," MisShapes new addition Jackson "Kids Meal" Pollis wrote on his MySpace profile, where he claims to be 21. Well, we're going to clear up the mystery. But don't worry, Jackson — remember, the age part is only part of the reason.

Meet Jackson Pollis: Cousin Oliver to the MisShapes' Brady Bunch

Emily Gould · 11/28/06 04:55PM

Look, the MisShapes aren't dumb, okay? They know that part (ok, all) of their ability to maintain the notoriety that enables them nail down lucrative licensing deals like those uber-hip Eastsport ads lies in keeping people like us hating on them all the time. Our hatred fans the flame! We're part of the problem! But, not being dummies, they also know that the blaahhhgosphere is getting tired of trotting out all those lame-ass Princess Coldstare one-liners. Like a tv sitcom with flagging ratings, they figured that introducing a new character would help maintain people's interest. Hence: "It Boy" Jackson Pollis, the blonde DJ who wears those glasses to look more like Mark Ruffalo's character in Eternal Sunshine (really!) and who drops wisdom-nugs like "Part of the reason why I think people may find me interesting is because the age part is very mysterious," and "Growing up in Williamsburg, you really have to love art or film or music." Also, "'I'm like his number one fan,' says Ultragrrrl."

The MisShapes: "Total Hipster World Domination Will Be Ours"

Doree Shafrir · 11/21/06 02:50PM

WWD is reporting that the MisShapes trio—Princess Coldstare (aka Leigh Lezark) and her two sidekicks—are thisclose to announcing a deal for their very own fashion line. Let's take a moment and consider what this might look like. Pointy shoes? Check. Tight, ripped T-shirts? Check. Tight black pants? Check. Tight white jeans? Check. Asymmetrical haircut, lots of eyeliner and deep red lipstick optional, but highly recommended. No word on where the line might be sold, but we have a feeling it's not Lane Bryant. Hot Topic, however, might be a viable option.

Blue States Ooze

abalk2 · 11/01/06 03:50PM

Voice gadabout Tricia Romano takes on this new-fangled photoblogging phenomenon, which has