War on Drugs Trumps War on Terror

John Cook · 11/08/10 12:34PM

David Headley, an American of Pakistani descent who is accused of helping plan the Mumbai terrorist attacks, was also a DEA informant. American officials received repeated warnings that Headley was planning attacks, but ignored them because drugs are really bad.

Your amygdala made you flame

Chris Mohney · 02/20/07 04:00PM

Sure, there's this New York Times essay on the psychology of flame emails, but of course it's all fulla science and chin-scratching, plus an unfair smear on your brain's amygdala as an impulsive flaming bitch-gland. Good examples of proper flames are, at best, alluded to. Fortunately, there are comments on the story, but unfortunately, they also suck. An alarming number reveal the Gray Lady's gray readership by alluding to pre-email communications like telephones, letters, banging on rocks, etc. Only one commenter is pro-flame, and another offers the slyly relevant anti-flame chestnut, "If you wouldn't be happy seeing it on the front page of the New York Times, don't send it." No mention of drunk e-mailing, though of course, you can always brew your own.