Swedish Elk As Think As You Drunk He Is

Leah Beckmann · 09/08/11 10:57AM

This elk, of Gothenburg, Sweden, has a problem. His girlfriend broke up with him and he lost his job in ER (Elk Resources) all in the same day. What's an elk who's fallen hard, and I mean hard, on his luck to do but give in to the demons and drink his suffering away? We've all been there so enough with the quiet judging. Unfortunately however, this elk indulged in tee many appletoonis and wound up trapped in an apple tree singing several verses of "Drunken Sailor." He was discovered by Per Johansson, who upon returning home from work, heard the elk and went to investigate.

iPhone Bug Makes Europeans Late for Work

Ryan Tate · 11/01/10 12:32PM

The iPhone's alarm failed to handle the switch from Daylight Saving Time in Europe, causing a wave of workplace tardiness this morning. This is the second continent to curse Apple's phone after Australia experienced the same bug last month.

Watch a Dog Pee on a Bride's Dress

Matt Cherette · 10/07/10 11:45AM

For many women, their wedding day is one of the most important of their lives. One of the biggest parts of that day is the dress. So, imagine how this lady felt when a dog peed on it! Video inside.

Family Terror Over Faulty Genetic Tests

Ryan Tate · 06/08/10 12:43PM

A Google-connected startup misdirected up to 96 genetic-test results, telling people their children were not their children, that their ancestors were not their ancestors and even that they were a different gender. Then came the panic and tears.

White Powder, Red Carpet

cityfile · 12/16/09 06:29PM

It's safe to say whoever did Nicole Kidman's makeup last night will never find work in this town again. [Us]

Two Types of Black Books

Sheila · 06/23/08 02:22PM

The Blackbook, a creative-talent publication, shares a similar name with "XXXBlackBook," an adult-dating site. Blackbook's poor phone girl has to occasionally field calls from porn enthusiasts needing their login info. Needless to say, "likeslongnipples," while it may be an appropriate username for www.xxxblackbook.com, is not going to help if you've actually phoned www.blackbook.com. [Dazzling Delta]