Mega Millions 'Winner' on Misplaced Ticket: 'I Haven't Looked in My Pants Yet'

Maureen O'Connor · 04/06/12 08:59AM

"World's most famous McDonald's employee" Mirlande Wilson—who claims she has Maryland's winning Mega Millions ticket but hasn't decided whether or not she'll accept her winning yet—almost definitely didn't win the lottery. But, damn, she has totally won the lottery-centric news cycle. Check out the latest nonchalant multi-millionaire quotes she gave to The New York Post about her supposedly winning ticket:

Is This Maryland McDonald's Employee a Mega Millions Winner or Just Crazy?

Adrian Chen · 04/04/12 09:35AM

We all knew the Mega Millions frenzy would eventually turn into a depressing cauldron of sadness. A McDonald's worker in Baltimore, Maryland says she has the one winning ticket sold in her state, but her coworkers claim the ticket was bought as part of a lottery pool. Though she's probably just making the whole thing up.