Woman's Life Saved Because She Orders Pizza Every Day

Richard Lawson · 02/22/11 02:05PM

Don't feel guilty about your terrible delivery food habits. When you are old and infirm, they might just save your life! One such person, an old lady pizza enthusiast who has ordered from a Memphis Domino's every day for three years, can fully attest to this fact.

Uncollected Garbage Saves Suicidal Man

Jeff Neumann · 01/02/11 02:25PM

Good news from the Snowpocalypse: A man survived a suicide attempt today when he jumped from the 9th floor of a Midtown Manhattan building and landed on a pile of garbage that was left uncollected after the snowstorm. [NYDN]

Donated Liver Survives Plane Crash, Transplant a Success

Jeff Neumann · 11/20/10 03:18PM

A private plane carrying a donated liver crashed and burst into flames today in Britain, injuring the two pilots. Rescue workers arrived on motorcycles, found the liver, and rushed it to the hospital where it was successfully transplanted. Damn. [ABC]

Miracle Baby Falls Six Stories, Survives

Maureen O'Connor · 11/02/10 04:48PM

A Parisian baby fell out the window of her parent's apartment, plummeted six floors, bounced off an awning, then landed in the hands of a doctor who happened to be walking by. He checked her out. She is now fine.

Chinese Boy Survives Fall from 20-Story Window

Jeff Neumann · 10/26/10 06:51AM

A 10-year-old Chinese boy on Monday fell from the window of his family's 20th floor apartment and miraculously survived by crashing through the rear windshield of a car. China's Xinhua News reports a pillow in the backseat cushioned his head.

Lady Cut In Half to Cure Cancer

Maureen O'Connor · 09/22/10 02:23PM

To remove a tumor "the size of a calzone," doctors split a woman in half and attached her leg to her spine. They're calling it a "pogo stick" surgery, the first of its kind. The patient is in good spirits.

Jesus Barely Even Concealing His Miracles

Hamilton Nolan · 08/16/10 03:55PM

Some things are small miracles, like a child's smile. And then there are big miracles, like when a stolen fragment of the True Cross is returned by a mysterious transient, who disappears. How in-your-face does Jesus have to be? Jesus.

Man's Best Friend Eats His Infected Toe, Saves His Life

Jeff Neumann · 08/04/10 04:53AM

Jerry Douthett wouldn't get his severely infected toe examined. Then one night, after drinking "five or six beers" and "huge margaritas," he passed out and his dog, Kiko, crawled into bed and ate his big toe. It saved Jerry's life.

Australia's Newest Menace: Juggalos

Max Read · 08/03/10 12:31AM

"A notorious American youth gang... has hit Sydney," writes Australian tabloid The Daily Telegraph. Is it the Bloods? The Crips? The Latin Kings? No, it's the fearsome Midwestern clowns the Juggalos, obsessive fans of face-painted rappers Insane Clown Posse.