Crazy Toothy Fish Is In Fact Jesus, Our Lord

Hamilton Nolan · 06/03/15 09:16AM

When you see a fish like this swimming by, you might dismiss it by saying, “Don’t let that weirdo toothy monster fish touch me!” while flinging a spear. But what if you knew that that fish was actually Jesus, the Christ?

Mother Miraculously Wakes Up After Not Having a Pulse For 45 Minutes

Aleksander Chan · 11/10/14 01:30PM

After giving birth via cesarian section at Boca Raton Regional Hospital in September, Ruby Graupera-Cassimiro fell unconscious from a rare amniotic fluid embolism. Doctors attempted to revive her for three hours, and after 45 minutes without a pulse, her family was called into the operating room to say their goodbyes. Just before doctors planned to declare the mother dead, her heart started beating again.

Statue of Jesus as a Vagrant Leaves Today Show Hosts Speaking Tongues

Adam Weinstein · 04/14/14 08:44AM

For months, residents of Davidson, N.C., have debated the merits of a bronze statue of Jesus Christ as a homeless man on a local park bench. But when news of the hobo lord hit national TV this morning, NBC's hosts had a decidedly less coherent religious experience.

NYU Student Stuck Between Two Buildings Saved by James Franco

J.K. Trotter · 11/05/13 03:28PM

19-year-old NYU student Asher Vongtau is counting his blessings. Over the weekend, the Pittsburgh native fell from the roof of his Tribeca dorm, where he had been drinking, into the terrifyingly narrow space between the dorm and the adjacent building on Lafayette Street—and wasn’t discovered, thankfully alive, until 36 hours later. How did he survive the ordeal? His mother told told Trevor Kapp at DNAInfo that actor and NYU grad James Franco played a role:

Five More Myths About Jesus

Hamilton Nolan · 09/27/13 12:44PM

In the Washington Post today, Reza Aslan debunks five myths about Jesus—he wasn't born in Bethlehem, he was not an only child, etc. But what is this mythbuster not telling you? Scholars say there are at least five more myths about Jesus.

Naked Drunk North Korean Man Washes Ashore In South Korea

Adrian Chen · 09/10/12 03:58PM

A North Korean man may have had the best luck—and hangover—of any drunk person in history. He was discovered last Sunday morning on the South Korean Island of Gangwha, near the border with North Korea, having apparently floated to the South on a piece of wood while trashed.

Jill Zarin's Menorah Performs Hannukah Miracle

Maureen O'Connor · 12/28/11 01:12PM

During a power outage at the Aruba Surf Club, a quick-thinking Jill Zarin lit her Hanukkah menorah, saving her kin from darkness with the light of nine small candles that lasted three long hours. Just like the Maccabees, running out of oil and threatened by darkness at a five-star Caribbean resort.

Jesus Returns as Lamb

Hamilton Nolan · 12/27/11 01:00PM

They put up a nativity scene there, in the Holy Land, Ohio, and can you guess what happened? The resurrection, of Jesus, of course.