Black Female Soldiers Say the Army's New Hair Rules Are Racist

Adam Weinstein · 04/02/14 12:45PM

The Army published new regulations Monday regarding how women can wear their hair when in uniform, and women are already up in arms. Specifically, thousands of minority women who say the service is discriminating against "ethnic" hairstyles.

House Republicans Meet at a Former Slave Plantation to Practice Talking to Black People

Cord Jefferson · 01/17/13 02:15PM

The House Republicans are holding their annual winter retreat in quaint tourist village Williamsburg, Virginia, this weekend in order to recuperate and prepare for upcoming legislative battles. Besides partaking in discussions about the debt ceiling and gun restrictions, GOP congressmen and women will also be getting schooled in the fine art of how to have "successful communication with minorities and women."

Supreme Court to Reexamine Affirmative Action

Caity Weaver · 02/21/12 10:03PM

In a move that could potentially deprive future generations of racists their token minority friends, the Supreme Court is set to reexamine the legality of affirmative action programs this fall.

Whites Are Officially a Minority in Your City

Hamilton Nolan · 08/31/11 10:41AM

We're going to come right out and say it: our urban neighborhoods are being overrun by minorities, and they're ruining everything. Bushwick? Full of minorities. Bed-Stuy? Infested. Even Harlem. All ruined by hordes of minorities. (White people.)

Majority of New American Babies Are Not White

Jim Newell · 06/23/11 01:42PM

What is up with the white people and their refusal to spawn these days? There is such a severe lack of pasty procreation that now, for the first time ever, the majority of new babies are being popped out by The Minorities. The white supremacists warned us about this, but nobody listened!

White Kids Are Losing the TV-Watching Race

Hamilton Nolan · 06/08/11 01:33PM

In your sweltering Wednesday media column: the racial media gap unveiled, Chris Jones has a new column, NOTW apologizes to Sienna Miller, NBC gets the Olympics forever, and Bob Herbert gets a job.

Barack Obama Can Just Ignore White Voters Now

Jim Newell · 04/01/11 03:09PM

Even when Democrats' fortunes tumble spectacularly in the short-term, the party can always remind itself that national demographic trends favor them in the end. Many, many old white people will die soon enough. This generation's youth voters are lopsidedly liberal. Meanwhile, Hispanics — who've voted strongly for Democrats in the last two elections after mainstream Republican rhetoric took a sharply nativist turn in 2007 — will occupy a larger and ever growing percentage of the American population. Throw in reliable support from 80-90% of African Americans, and the Democratic party could be dominant in the not-too-distant future.