"World's Dumbest Criminal" Left Victim's Computer Logged Into Facebook

Andy Cush · 06/24/14 10:10AM

Rule number one of home invasion in 2014: Don't check your Facebook while you're on a job. Rule number two: If the urge to look becomes insatiable, allow yourself a peek at your iPhone, but do not attempt to use the target's computer. Number three: if all else fails, just make sure you log out before you leave.

Horrifying Audio of Man Killing Unarmed Teens Released By Court

Adam Weinstein · 05/02/14 12:30PM

Byron Smith waited in his basement with energy bars and bottled water. When the boy and girl snuck into his house, he stood his ground. Fired. Again. And again. Over their bodies. Over her screams. Then he delivered a five-minute vigilante tirade over the corpses. We know this, because he recorded it all:

Bus Driver Fired After Forcing Prayer on Students

Lacey Donohue · 11/06/13 11:40PM

A school bus driver in Minnesota was fired last week after leading kids in Christian prayers while driving. George Nathaniel, 49, a bus driver for the Burnsville School District had already been reassigned and given a warning due to his repeated praying, but that didn’t stop him from continuing to exercise what he believes is his “freedom of speech.”

Lacey Donohue · 10/08/13 06:26PM

The 9-year-old boy who flew to Las Vegas without a ticket isn’t new to such shenanigans. He apparently has a “history” of taking the light rail without his parents to a local water park where he would sneak in by hiding with large families. And just two weeks ago, the boy stole a car and was arrested on the highway.

Caity Weaver · 05/13/13 04:41PM

Minnesota’s state Senate just voted 37-30 to legalize gay marriage, making it the twelfth state (second in the Midwest) to do so. The bill will take effect August 1, which is a Thursday, so everyone keep that weekend free.

You Can Fake-Kill Osama bin Laden for $325

Cord Jefferson · 08/17/12 03:40PM

Got a few hundred bucks and a bloodlust compelling you to pretend to gun down another human being? Boy, have we got the adventure for you.

Student Sues School District Over Illegal Search of Her Facebook Page

Louis Peitzman · 03/10/12 04:39PM

A 12-year-old Minnesota girl has joined forces with the ACLU to sue her school district. Minnewaska School officials penalized the girl, known only as "R.S.," for information she posted off of school property to her private Facebook page. At one point, she was "intimidated" into giving up her password so that administrators could see the rest of her posts.