California Raises Minimum Wage to $15, But Its Workers May Not Benefit Until 2022

Melissa Cronin · 03/27/16 09:30AM

California lawmakers, working in tandem with labor unions, struck a deal to raise the statewide minimum—at first, to $10.50, with gradual increases to $15. The deal allowed lawmakers to avoid bringing the wage increase issue to a ballot, a vote which polls suggest California voters would overwhelmingly support.

Hamilton Nolan · 03/23/16 08:38AM

In California, a proposal to raise the state’s minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2021 has qualified for the ballot. Californians can use the money to pay USC’s $51,000 annual tuition.

Hamilton Nolan · 03/18/16 11:10AM

New data from Seattle, Los Angeles, and other cities that raised their minimum wage recently show little to no negative effects on hiring after those wages went up. Don’t believe the hype.

Hillary Clinton Is Running For Capitulator-In-Chief

Hamilton Nolan · 07/31/15 09:28AM

If Hillary Clinton’s stance on the minimum wage is any indicator, the Democratic party can expect a leader who specializes in the party’s greatest talent: capitulation.

Tiptoeing Toward the End of Tipping 

Hamilton Nolan · 02/25/15 11:47AM

Yesterday, it was announced that New York state will raise its minimum wage for tipped workers by a hefty 50%, to $7.50 an hour. This is one small step toward ending the tyranny of tipping.

Working for Tips Is a Path to Poverty

Hamilton Nolan · 10/20/14 11:07AM

Ever so slowly, a consensus that the minimum wage must be raised significantly is taking hold in America. But one group of workers could still be left behind: tipped workers, who, a new study says, are even more impoverished than minimum wage-earners.

Adam Weinstein · 07/03/14 09:50AM

Germany's lower house, with support from "conservative" Chancellor Angela Merkel, has approved the nation's first-ever minimum wage. The baseline pay rate will be 8.50 Euros an hour, roughly $11.56 today, 59 percent higher than the United States' federal minimum wage.