Country Star Mindy McCready Becomes Fifth Celebrity Rehab Participant to Die

Max Read · 02/18/13 08:17AM

With country star Mindy McCready's Sunday-afternoon suicide, the total number of Celebrity Rehab deaths has reached five. Sixth months ago, The Daily Beast wondered if the VH1 reality show was a "death trap"; last year, the show dropped the celebrity angle and became just Rehab with Dr. Drew, because if anyone's better-equipped than celebrities to deal with treatment in public, it's regular-Joe addicts. Self-promoting host Dr. Drew Pinsky, revealed by a 2012 Justice Department settlement to be a shill for big pharma, told Buzzfeed he was "deeply saddened by this news." (Last night he was deeply saddened all over CNN.) [Gawker | The Daily Beast | WaPo | BuzzFeed | CNN]

Country Star and Former Roger Clemens Mistress Mindy McCready Reportedly Commits Suicide (UPDATE)

Taylor Berman · 02/17/13 09:09PM

Country singer Mindy McCready committed suicide Sunday afternoon, according to a report from NBC's Andrea Canning. McCready's life and career has been in steady decline since her debut 1996 album, Ten Thousand Angels, which sold over 2 million copies. Since then, she's battled with substance and mental health issues, including several overdoses and arrests. Her 2013 had been especially turbulent; in early Feburary, she entered a rehab program, just three weeks after David Wilson, McCready's boyfriend and the father of her nine-month-old son, reportedly killed himself.

Marriage Trouble for J.Lo, Piven Flees New York

cityfile · 12/18/08 07:13AM

• Is Jennifer Lopez getting ready to say goodbye to Marc Anthony? She neglected to wear her wedding ring to a premiere last week, which obviously means her marriage is now "at a breaking point." [Us, The Sun]
• Jeremy Piven is heading home. Just two months after arriving on Broadway (and after showing up late to performances and skipping matinees), he says he now plans to return to LA because he's suffering from some sort of "mysterious mercury ailment." [NYP]
• Good news for anyone going to the inauguration: Alec Baldwin says he plans to stay home and watch it on TV. [MSNBC]

Baseball's Meanest Star In Alleged Affair With Country Version Of Amy Winehouse

Hamilton Nolan · 04/28/08 08:10AM

Roger Clemens, the recently retired former Yankees ace pitcher and full time Class A jerk, has used his commitment to his wife (pictured) and family as a defense of his own character, which has been impugned by steroid allegations. And, you know, by his own general asshole demeanor that causes him to do things like throw a fastball at his own son. But today the Daily News says that Clemens carried on a ten year affair with train wreck country singer Mindy McCready—although they never trot out any real proof. And their lead, which seems to imply Clemens is a statutory rapist, is a little problematic: