You'll Never Guess Who's Angry About CNN "Deceptively" Editing a Video of Sylville Smith's Sister

Andy Cush · 08/17/16 03:55PM

In a recent segment, CNN used a short clip featuring the sister of Sylville Smith, a man who was shot dead by a Milwaukee police officer on Saturday. In CNN’s version of the clip, Sherelle Smith can be heard telling a crowd of onlookers, “Don’t bring the violence here, and the ignorance here.” Later, in a portion of her speech that CNN didn’t air, Smith suggested that if the crowd wanted to riot, they should “take that shit to the suburbs, burn that shit down.”

Prospective Home Buyers Find Dead Body in Fixer-Upper

Kelly Conaboy · 11/22/14 12:45PM

A man in Milwaukee, Wisconsin got a surprise recently while touring a fixer-upper with a real estate agent and a friend: a trash cart full of live kittens. Ah! Later, the group also found a dead body.

Racist Shitheads Find Police Chief's Emotional Speech Truly Inspiring

Jay Hathaway · 11/19/14 07:04PM

Milwaukee police chief Edward Flynn delivered an emotional statement to reporters earlier this month after a public meeting about the April police shooting of Dontre Hamilton, asking protesters to remember that police protect the black community (when they're not shooting members of it.) Many found his message stirring, but no one was more moved than internet racists looking for ammunition.

Cops Say Taser Stradivarius Thief Was Named Universal Knowledge Allah

Adam Weinstein · 02/07/14 05:15PM

Who in their right minds would rob an orchestra concert master in broad daylight, take his rare multi-million-dollar violin, and make off in a getaway minivan through the streets of Milwaukee? A local barber and gun licensee named Universal Knowledge Allah, that's who.

Cord Jefferson · 12/24/13 01:53PM

Milwaukee has begun repurposing its surplus of cheese brine to de-ice its roads: "You want to use provolone or mozzarella. Those have the best salt content. You have to do practically nothing to it."

Reporter at Scene of Deadly Fire Does the Dougie for Wacky Staff Video

Caity Weaver · 04/16/13 05:35PM

You can't fault the WITI-Milwaukee Fox6 WakeUp crew for wanting to inject a little fun into their morning broadcast regimen. The morning is, traditionally, not a very fun time of day. Plus, it's their job to get all the Lavernes and Shirleys in town excited for a tedious day down at the bottlecapping plant.

Caught On Camera: Cop Brawls with Clown Outside Milwaukee City Hall

Neetzan Zimmerman · 11/19/12 02:00PM

Milwaukee resident Mitch Cooper says he was minding his own business, driving past City Hall, when, out of the corner of his eye, he saw a police officer approach a man dressed as a clown and knew some shit was about to go down.

What Counts as a Legitimate Threat on Twitter?

Max Read · 06/07/12 04:51PM

On Tuesday night, millions of people on Twitter were talking about the recall election in Wisconsin, in which Republican Governor Scott Walker beat his Democratic challenger Tom Barrett. Some were gleeful; some were despondent. And some were violent: "KILL SCOTT WALKER KILL SCOTT WALKER KILL SCOTT WALKER KILL SCOTT WALKER KILL SCOTT WALKER KILL SCOTT WALKER! Ole Bitch Ass Pig Ass Nigga!!!!" tweeted a fellow named @__SupaMcNASTY__.

Satanic Sex Ritual Threesome Not as Awesome as It Sounds

Max Read · 11/09/11 10:48PM

Last week, a 19-year-old guy from Arizona took the bus to Milwaukee to meet a girl he knew from the internet. On arrival, he discovered that she and her roommate wanted to have a kinky, possibly Satanic, threesome. So far, so awesome. And then came the part where he was stabbed and slashed 300 times.

Man Stages Attack in Most Pathetic Story of the Year

Max Read · 10/31/11 09:53PM

A masked man in dark clothes 'attacks' a 26-year-old foreign exchange student while she has a cigarette outside in Pleasant Prairie, Wisc., only to give up and flee when she fights back. Just another bizarre crime in America's heartland? Or the start... of the most pathetic story of the year?

Woman Allegedly Murdered Expecting Mother to Steal Baby

Max Read · 10/10/11 07:53PM

Annette Morales-Rodriguez of Milwaukee, Wisc., allegedly used techniques she learned from the Discovery Channel to perform a Cesarean section on a woman she'd abducted and murdered, in the hopes she could pass the woman's child off as her own.

Swearing on Milwaukee Buses Will Cost You $500

Max Read · 12/27/10 02:38AM

An undercover cop slapped Milwaukee resident Terry Duncan with a $500 ticket for cursing on a bus. Cursing! On a bus! Apparently, the words he used "started with an 'f' and an 's.'" So... "fart"? And "sex"? [WISN]