Activist Shaun King Criticized for Allegedly Misrepresenting His Race

J.K. Trotter · 08/20/15 11:02AM

Shaun King is a 36-year-old Atlanta-based activist who has played a prominent role in anti-racism movements such as Black Lives Matter. He publicly identifies as “black or biracial” and is the son, according to a 2012 profile, of “a Caucasian mother and an African-American father.” Yesterday, however, the nativist website began questioning King’s story of his upbringing, and focused on purported evidence suggesting that his father is in fact white. King eventually dismissed Breitbart’s questions as the work of a “white supremacist conspiracy,” but not before further inflaming a debate that has since mesmerized conservative media circles.

If Only Tiger Had Cheated At a More Opportune Moment

Ryan Tate · 12/07/09 07:00PM

A critic took issue with Tiger Woods' timing, of all things; a tech exec threw down against Barry Diller; and Olivia Munn gave Mr. Thunderstorm something to wet. The Twitterati were stepping to 'em.

Naked Calendar Nerds Push Limits of Geek Chic

Ryan Tate · 11/12/09 02:38PM

If a Googler can pose in Vogue and Glamour, and if Justin Timberlake's playing a Facebook exec, surely London tech geeks can strip off their clothes for a sexy calendar. It'll sell furiously. Or at least, uh, get tweeted furiously.