A New Shake Shack, The Opening of Aspen Social Club

cityfile · 10/17/08 01:47PM

♦ Aspen Social Club opens in Vikram Chatwal's Stay Hotel on Oct. 28th. [Eater]
♦ The UWS Shake Shack officially opens on Monday. [GS]
Sasha Petraske says he's turning Milk & Honey into a private club because too many bloggers were giving out the unlisted number. [Eater]
♦ The East Village's Sunburnt Cow is marking its fifth anniversary this weekend by "spit-roasting an entire cow in a trailer outside the restaurant." [Zagat]

Petraske's Mercury Dime: Still Not Happening

cityfile · 09/24/08 03:02PM

Sasha Petraske's Mercury Dime won't be serving alcohol (it was denied a liquor license yet again last night), although Petraske is hoping to rebound by turning Milk & Honey into a "private social club." [Eater]
♦ Cocktail king Dale DeGroff is working with Marriott to create cocktails for the hotel chain. [NYT]
♦ Philippe's new West Village offshoot, Philippe Chow Express, is now equipped with touch-screen kiosks. [NYT]
♦ Guest of Guest's map of where the cool kids hang out. [GoaG]
♦ Le Cirque has dumped its à la carte menu. [Zagat]
♦ Steve Lewis corresponds with his old pal Michael Alig. [BB]
♦ A cooking lesson courtesy of Wylie Dufresne. [GS]
♦ Laura Bush clearly has no interest in what Frank Bruni thinks. She turned up at Michael's for lunch today. [MB]